Duncan, City of Totems.

Checked out that neat tiny town north of Victoria on the way to Nanaimo… the other week.  Glad I made a stop in Duncan, in the Cowichan Valley.  The downtown ‘s nice.

Cute, artsy, with a strong aboriginal presence.  Lots of Totems Poles all throughout downtown, as advertised… indeed.  So many they have a little ‘Totem Route” you can follow and see about 40, in just 20 minutes walking.  I was really just passing through and was going to sleep in my car, but from a meal came a conversation, came an invitation to an art opening, came time at the home of kind strangers, chill’n, and I slept more comfortably than I would have in my cold car yet some place else, after all…  :-)  Travel magic happens.

 The art exhibited downtown at ‘NOW – Noodles of the World, was by local artist Sara Clarke, who just returned to Duncan after an artist retreat in lovely Ucluelet near the Pacific Rim National Park (which I mentioned a couple blog posts back).

Unlike me (I have so much to learn when it comes to technique, as I’m untrained), she actually often uses the canvass’ texture for good effects.  All works are very unique.  Great atmosphere.  All the people present were truly great and interesting, as well.  If you’re an art buyer, rush up there!, I think they were seriously underpriced for as much talent she has.  You have to see ‘m up close, my photo won’t cut it whatsoever.

Not wanting to sound like an advertisement here, but the food, which I tried the next morning, was really good as well.   As for the paintings, I personally really  liked the serene and mysterious feel of the ‘White Horse’, on the right in the below photo (I blacked out the customers’ biometrics, as I didn’t get permission to photograph ‘m):

A glimpse of the 'Conscious Migrations' art exhibit by Sara Clarke at Now, Noodles of the World, downtown Duncan, BC (Canada). Late october 2011. All shown art © Sara Clarke. Click to access NOW.

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