Victoria Decentralized Dance Party

3:44 am – Another random night in a very mellow town that somehow knows how to have fun…

Photograph by: © Darren Stone, CLICK IMAGE to read article. — VICTORIA, B.C.: OCTOBER 28, 2011 – Participants in Decentralized Dance Party’s Halloween spectacular dance in Victoria, B.C.  —  SOURCE: Times Colonist (Newspaper).  I didn’t bring my camera.  Better without it to have fun…

Headed out there with a couple roomies, and was happily surprised by the massive custumed-up turnout.  Pretty awesome for a roaming event for which the starting location was sent out over Facebook & Twitter (or, in my case, word of mouth) just a couple hours prior.  I’d guess there were well over 2,000 people attending at many times (reportedly over 3,100 indicated they would be attending on Facebook).  Good scene.  Police provided their usual red and blue disco lights, too.  ;-)  Awesomeness.

It went from Blanchard @ Courtney (by the library and Sticky Wicket) to the parking lot between the docks at the harbour (near the lit up Parliament building, below Wharf Street), then moved along Wharf, stalling briefly around the Upstairs on Bastion Square, headed through China Town, to finish off at a parking garage a couple blocks further up on Johnson, where it dispersed without incidents around 11:30.

For more on the spreading “decentralized dance parties“, were a DJ broadcasts over a low-power FM-transmitter and people bring boom boxes, tune in and party all over:    It’s only just beginning…  

[Afterthought: music could (should) have been more danceable, especially in the parking garage if it was actual DANCE music, and louder.]

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