Sold my Sweet ’94 Chevy Blazer…

[Afterword – unable to sell it through online avenues for $1500, $1200 or even a mere $1000, after a month and a half, I visited 8 car dealers and was “lucky enough” to get it sold for a sad mere $400.  Granted, the high mileage made for a high risk factor.  End of story.  Serious bite out of the budget I expected to have for the coming month…]

[intro deleted – blog post completely irrelevant and outdated now]


  • Maroon 
  • 1994 
  • Chevy 
  • S10 Blazer 
  • 4WD 
  • 4-door 
  • drives great, V6 engine, runs great, unleaded fuel 
  • automatic 
  • 178,000 miles 
  • Tires ok 
  • Spare tire 
  • Roof rack 
  • Pull hook 
  • am/fm, cassette deck
  • central 4-windows-control (slow on back windows)
  • Has not been smoked in (at least not in past year and a half and didn’t smell)
  • Minimal rust.
  • Mechanics have commented that it has been VERY well cared for. 
  • Receipt record of repairs and previous owners

– interior floor stained (normal for a ’94) 
– front seats have a cover to hide torn seating foam, 
– minor dent on the exterior right rear side 

I put about a thousand bucks in fixes into it over the past year, incl. new Fuel Pump & new filter, new trans fluids, new back lock, new air filter, recent oil change (still good), and general check-up in Ausgust.  With as well as this Chevy has been cared for, I think she’s worth well over $2000, but I have to sell FAST…  PLEASE EMAIL.

I did not know I was going to love Vancouver Island as much as I do, and my intended 2 day visit to Victoria turned into almost 2 months, and instead of returning to the US, I’m heading to Europe. Because I didn’t import it, we’d have to pretend its being “sold in the US”, SO:

-> If you’re from the US and live here in BC (or even easier if you live in the US), you can then do the registration with your state’s DMV.  I’m willing to drive/ferry it to Port Angeles or Seattle. 
-> If you’re from Canada, you’d have to hop on the ferry with it and import it properly in order to register it here in Canada. Prospective Canadian buyer, make sure to check all the requirements and procedures with the ICBC in advance! Because of this possible hassle for you, I’m selling it cheap. [or so I thought… ]

Must sell soon. [part of original post deleted] 

besides running low on cash…. there’s still them… Bureaucracies…  Grrr…

I thought it would be a piece of cake to renew my Utah registration online, since there’s a very simple handy website for that,  But in Utah an annual safety inspection is required… and that safety inspection needs to happen… in Utah.  Can’t it be inspected here?  No.  Can I skip this crap?  Yes, there’s a form for that, TC-810:, but that requires I stay long enough at an address in Canada to do the back and forth thing (if only I had known this earlier…), ’cause they only do this the snail mail way…  The back-and-forth involved to get this taken care of might take many weeks, requiring an address I won’t leave until this is all taken care of…  And I’m hitting the road again (by backpack this will be… I’m assuming now.) in less than two weeks.  There’s no such thing as “registering for a couple months”, it’s an entire year or bust.  Hmmm…  Would still be fun to continue by car for a bit, so… how about registering it in BC then?  Nope. Wrong sector of the planet.  Can’t do that, ’cause I didn’t “import it” into Canada through the Canadian 21-steps ordeal with its minimum $200 import fees etc., which takes many weeks as well (over a month according various reports).).  Um… no thanks.  [So, I did an expedited form of the Utah thing, and paid for the 2012 tags after all, so I could cross the border without hassles.  I stayed in Canada till the day after the tags arrived in the mail.]

[Either laws are designed to make life hell for honest people, or those who made ‘m live in a box staring at a flickering light, or something…, obviously clueless about this beautiful wide world I (and they could too) call home…]

So, I’m choosing the easy way out:  Selling NOW.  Hopefully that will go smooth.  I’ll see how I proceed from there.  Exploring Vancouver Island more would be lovely, for instance…  There’s busses, and I have two tumbs (up).  [It DIDN’T Go very well… But the upside is that I learned a lot, which is likely to serve me in greater ways than the bit of extra cash would have.]   

The car has kicked ass and my guess is it has a lot more life in it for the years to come. [part of original post deleted]  The lucky buyer is getting a great deal, I think.

  • –> Details can be found on Used Victoria
  • Or (same) on Craigslist Victoria: (not updated)
  • Or (ditto) on Craigslist Olympic Penninsula (Port Angeles, WA): [part of original post deleted]

I'll miss this car... It runs great. I'd take it to Europe if I could...

[part of original post deleted]

When (or if???) I return to this lovely Canadian West Coast paradise of kindness, culture and natural beauty, I’ll make sure my tourist visa will come with the work permit extension.  That should open doors for sticking around much longer without doing any immigration acrobatics or winging it the under-the-table ways.  If only those customs agents had been assholes, I would be a lot more inclined to break laws too.  If only.  But, alas, not the case.

On my road to nowhere… Onward!

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