The bogs

Continuing from last blogpost, in the already mentioned Pacific Rim National Park,, there’s an ancient forest with a twist…  on a bog.  With a savanna-like vegetation distribution, trees that remind of neatly trimmed bonsai trees, and a soaked ground full of lycheon, this bog looks very unique.

I actually didn’t even know the word ‘bog’, but I do now:






.Interesting place…

An 800 meter loop gives a taste of this odd very quiet coastal habitat

A road leads to the famous local Long Beach, where an impressive and very informative KwISITIS Visitor Centre, which just opened in August, stands with a view over the driftwood-laden Long Beach and distant surfers…

[above] Did he catch the wave?  Oh… so close…  [I’m referring to the black dot in the middle of the water horizon] / [Left:] Massive ocean-smoothened driftwood, and a distant Canadian flag to put new arrivals at ease they didn’t wash ashore too far south.  (Or something…)

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