New Painting (Oct 2011): Arrival on the Island (where lanterns are relit)

Victoria, BC – Oct 18, 2011 – Last touches of fresh paint are drying…

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This new 30″ x 40″ acrylic on canvass painting didn’t take that long (compared to some earlier works that went on and on and on…) if I add up the time I actually worked on it.  The cleanse pulled me out of the rut that had working on it stalled for over a week.  It’s obviously more landscapy than usual, and most definitely influenced by sitting with big trees and wandering through aboriginal art galleries and museums here on Vancouver Island.  I suppose it could also be interpreted being somewhat “autobiographical” perhaps.  Enjoy.  It is -of course- for sale (as soon as I have it high-resolution quality-photographed in better lighting).  CONTACT ME IF YOU WANT TO BUY The Original!

Arrival on Island (where lanterns are relit) - Acrylic on canvass, 30" x 40" - © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2011. Painted in Victoria, BC (Canada). ;-)

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