10 Day Master Cleanse – done

For 10 days, my diet consisted of lots of water, with every now and then a mixture of fresh-squeezed lemon juice, a ton of cayenne and a bit of dark maple syrup.  Disgusting, sure.  But it works to alkalize the body, and help it get rid of toxins and food addictions.  If this sounds weird to you, there’s tons of books and websites about it. Just search it.

Last time I did this, in late spring 2010, I told myself I should do this once a year.  It boosted my energy and outlook in ways I found very helpful then.   I found the same now.

The caffeine withdrawal headaches and cravings for coffee lasted only 2 days.  On Day 1 I visisted the Royal BC Museum, with its excellent First Nations floor.  Those first days were pretty much the worst of the cleanse.  COuldn’t do a thing, really.

Followed by feeling irritable and plain awful for 3 more days.  On Day 4 I actually decided to call it quits as soon as I ran out of lemons.  But I pulled through till Day 6 and started feeling better.  Painted a bit.  Wrote a bit.  Went hiking on Mount Doug.  Even went Dancing to electronica one night and did an hour and a half of Bikram Hot Yoga on another (totally overkill on an empty stomach! Not recommended).

All in all: it did the job and pulled me out of my feeling stuck, at least for a couple days.  The weightloss, sure, couple kilos (7 lbs in 10 days), but that’s technically irrelevant as it’s primarily water and (literally) sh*t anyhow, and could be added back within the same amount of time effortlessly.  It was worth it.  Glad I persevered for the full 10 days.

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