Respect Your Elders

Some time ago, when I was living in Park City, Utah, journalist Tracy Barnett, writing for Magis Magazine, called me from Mexico for an interview.  She was working on an article about Julia Butterfly, the Luna Treesit that lifted her to fame, and its aftermath in the radical ecology movement.   It was fun reminiscing about that intense period when I was part of the Luna treesit’s Ground Support team for 15 months, and the main logistical coordinator for its final 10 months.  I think this article draws a very good picture of the complexity of the issues, and nuances often missed in other articles; It is now online [in Spanish]:  

Last night, in between dancing to freakish electronica at Lucky Bar (Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada), I had a nice chat with a land steward on one of the preserves here on Vancouver Island, about communicating with trees.  When you sit by a tree (with your back against it), it naturally helps harmonize and open our subtle energy body.  After you sit there for -let’s say 10 minutes- if you relate to the tree as an actual wise intelligence (which they are), you can bring your awareness closer into the trunk and, for example, you can ask questions and allow answers to arise out of the silence.  You’d be surprised how much loving guidance is available this way.  Works with rocks too.  Everything is alive and aware.

Blast from the past:

Myself on a walkie-talkie, at the base of the ancient redwood ‘Luna’ in 1999. / © Michaël (“Rising Ground”) Van Broekhoven

Example of two mainstream newspaper articles from back then that mentioned me by name:


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