Sunday Night, almost Monday Oct 3, 2011

Something set off the fire alarm in this 1891 mansion of sorts…  Holy smokes that was painfully LOUD!  Fire Dept. truck arrived in about 2 minutes or so.  Impressive.  All was found to be safe after all.  Kinda cool to see my couple dozens of roomies coming out of the woodwork.  A couple of us were watching ‘Into The Wild’.  A similar fantasy still hasn’t completely lost its appeal on me (taking off into the wild, that is), although I’d be more inclined to skip the trying to survive – ha.  I’m in a “Death is a matter of patience.” kinda mood today.  The high point was that the house sounded like it was on fire for a minute, but I admit to have been relieved it was false alarm, too.

Something…  The down after the high or something…  Or probably just dehydrated thoughts

Well, I did start painting again, which I suppose is good…  It had been since the Tetons.   I’m starting the Master Cleanse on Wednesday (Think: No solid food; only water, lemon juice, cayenne and maple syrup for 10 days – done it before and loved its effect).  A neat tiny little mini wee organic market down the street will have 10 lemons a day for ten days waiting for me.  ;-)

The beginning of something unknown...

A local requested I make this city sound a lot worse than we find it.  So for the record: This place sucks.  Make sure you’re OUT within 45 hours, just enough time to spend your tourist dollars.  Then FLOOR IT onto that ferry!  (She thought 72 hrs was fair, but I beg to differ… given what happened to me).  If not, you will get stuck on this mildew-smelling rainy green hell hole island, infested with genetically-modified unavailable single women, in a crumbling dungeon with shrieking fire alarms, with no jobs, no friends, no bars, no coffee shops anywhere – just you and your empty mug,…  You will stare dazed into a broken bathroom mirror on a typical cold humid dreadful morning and find yourself overcome by the spell that leaves all of us trapped here utterly incapable of leaving, or even thinking straight for that matter,…  This sad and “most haunted city in Canada” is littered with homeless mobs in rags, rain pouring through the gunshot holes in their tarps, while smoke from burning tires shrouds the sun even on non-rainy days. This is by far the most depressing Canadian slum.  Drenched in the smell of death and despair, you will wander aimlessly wondering why you didn’t heed my advice, all while surrounded by frigid waters full of flesh-eating sea monsters.  Every minute over 45 hours will be filled with regret.  (If they even let you in in the first place.)  If you have a pet, it will get eaten by the roaming hordes of Victorian rats… likely within your first week here.  If you don’t end up eating it first, that is…   [Better?]
[Add-on insert:  You gotta be kidding me, right?  Before anyone else asks me if “something’s wrong?”, if I wrote that “while drunk”, or “what’s up?”… jeez.  No, none of that, someone -over coffee- actually asked me half-seriously if I could write something negative about this lovely place.  I can’t.  I cannot even begin to make this place sound bad.  So I tried over-the-top ironic nonsense.  Try the Disclaimer, perhaps?  Dear God…]

By the way, Cougars (actual mountain lions in this case – yes!) have been sighted in the city area…  :-D  (keeetty kitty kitty… there’s 5 deer in our back yard…)

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