Where am I? Now what?

Monday Sept 26, 2011 – Victoria, BC.

I love waking up to the sound of rain and the mild wind blowing through the neighborhood’s massive oaks, like this one (left photo), right next to the house.  Chhhh….

Ahhh…  So soothing.

The house Im in, by the way, was built in 1891, kinda cool so “old” for west coast standards.  Awesome architecture all over the place…  I’ve been walking around, discovering where I am and getting lost for hours, literally.  The grids curve a little, the shore is crooked, and I’m completely unfamiliar with all landmarks.  I get at least a little lost practically every day.  ;-)

This move-on-a-whim may be the closest to parachuting into unknown territory I’ve ever done, it feels.  Even Beacon Hill Park is excellent for getting lost in in the dark, it turns out.  But the upside is I get to know the area this way.  A new painting started brewing after hanging out with one of these wise oak elders for some time, followed by Shambhala chants at the meditation center…  The seed is germinating, soon I’ll have to put it to canvass…

As wide as a driveway, in case you can't tell.

The trees in this city… so many kinds… including these massive red cedars, even some big sequoias in mansion’s yards.  It’s beautiful here…  I will try to sell my 2 remaining most recent paintings, probably my car later in October, just so I can stay here without the financial knife to my throat.  The car fixes at the very beginning took a month’s worth out of the budget, and I’ve reached that place of…  Okay, found a place to call home… Now what?  So, I’m going to do something I haven’t actually tried out before: REALLY DO WHAT I LOVE and see if there’s any truth in all the “living in the present” conscious co-creation manifesting mumbo-jumbo, I’ve overdosed on theoretically, but never truly tried out like this, not to this “all or nothing” extent.  What if I can actually be an artist, by myself, and be fine?

Live and learn…  Worst case scenario I end up homeless and hungry, stuck in an windowless office, or bliss out on unconditionally loving white light near-death… all places I’ve already navigated and know I can bounce back from, so… I got nothing to lose.

Off to get some coffee in “Cook Street Village”, and if the rain lets up, perhaps see if the welcoming Totem Poles around here have something to tell me…  Oh, and having learned about “how it goes here”, pursuing that crush seems like it will be a waste of time anyhow (some social code that might take me some time to crack); so I won’t even bother…   All good.

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