Raining, so everything stays lovely green, ALIVE.

I LOVE THE RAIN.  The extreme dryness got to me in Utah.  No more bloody crusty nose mornings – Yay!  I know it would be easy to complain about cool rainy days, but somehow it makes me smile.  If I ever get truly depressed here (as I can get), all I really need to do is go for a walk down the street.  It’s a dripping mossy smile-inducing place.

Temperatures in Celcius, distances in kilometer… even that’s so home-like familiar…

Click image to see most recent forecast. SOURCE: http://www.weatheroffice.gc.ca/city/pages/bc-85_metric_e.html

It rains A LOT here, but not all that much that often.  I love it.  Strangely like Belgium, to be honest.  Sat by the northern beach at low tide for awhile…  Amazing pebbles… Lots of kelp.  It’s odd looking at the Olympics, thinking that right there across the water I can work legally no problem, but here that’s another matter.  Anyhow…  Not my fault they put the border where they put it.

[PS: My US phone number has been terminated.]

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