Landing/Launch Pad Found.

From unsuspecting tourist to living here in just under 48 hours… -Victoria- 9/23/2011

At home in my sweet little furnished studio-room in the historic Rockland Neighborhood in Victoria, BC, Canada... Hell YES!  (–> The photos on that link even includes the one I’m in.).

“Designed to be a prestigious neighbourhood, Rockland became known as Victoria’s “”Nob Hill”. [I guess that’s a San Francisco reference?]  Wealthy entrepreneurs, bankers, and politicians commissioned architects to design mansions that would reflect their cultural values”

How perfect for a vagabond to land!  Ha.  ;-)  At least for the time being, I suppose this concludes my driveabout that began in Utah in early August…

I’m blown away how fast and easy that went.  I simply pursued the one lead for housing that spontaneously came my way, on the ride back from orca watching the other day (“Wanna live in a mansion?” sounded like such a joke for the said rent.)  Turned out to be exactly that.  Cheaper than my Park City studio.  Called, checked it out, paid remainder of September and security deposit, and moved in around noon yesterday.   So… that’s just under 48 hours from rolling into a town I knew close to nothing about, yet felt strangely drawn to…, to living here.  Much to discover!!!  With over 2 dozen housemates (It’s a mansion alright), it’s easier to meet new people too.   Very cool.   Very curious how this will all unfold further… ;-)

With a decent compound bow, I bet I could hit or get damn close to reaching both The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria [], and Craigdarroch Castle [].

I haven’t checked the castle out yet, but the opening night and reception of  C O L L E C T E D   R E S O N A N C E   by the trio of artists,  {Shelly Bahl}  {Sarindar Dhaliwal}  {Farheen HaQ}, was attended by well over one hundred art lovers.  It explores veils between inner and outer, male and female, the familiar and strange,… and themes of multiple identities in diaspora contexts.   With my own unique immigrant background and mixed cultural influences, it seemed quite fitting in some ways.   And for me at was also a bit of a “welcome to the neighborhood” experience and a chance to meet locals.  To be continued…

COLLECTED RESONANCE “brings together three South Asian Canadian women artists who gather and create narratives informed by the mythologies and ideologies of their Hindu, Sikh and Muslim heritage.   Their work investigates, pays homage to and challenges their cross-cultural memories by forging new narratives that straddle Canadian, British, and Indian traditions. [read more]”  It runs through New Years.

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