Joking allowed at the border.

VICTORIA, B.C. – Oh Canada – Sept 21, 2011

‘Any weapons of mass destruction in your car?  Sounded like such a joke.  Seriously?    

Aside from the car itself perhaps… no, sure hope not.

[The agent smiled too.  I think they could sense I’m not exactly a threat to Canadian National Security (whatever that would be).]

“Did you bring ALL of Utah’s drugs into Canada?”

Yup, all of ‘m.  Haven’t been able to find ‘m, but there in there somewhere….

[Agent smiled again]

Where do you live?

You’re looking at it.

Excuse me?

Officially I still live in Utah, I have a US greencard and a Belgian passport, and my mail gets forwarded to a friend in California, but – right now – I’m on a road trip.

So where do you live?

Officially in Utah.  But… [I hesitated] … honestly: nowhere.  I’m wandering.

Plan on staying in Canada?

Planning?  No.  [hahaha “planning?”  Good one.]

How long will you be here?

Probably two days, unless I like it more.  I said the same for San Juan Island and it turned into more than 10 days.  So who knows, right?

I gave ‘m only the truth and so it went on and on and on…  And clearly I “fit the profile” of someone who might want to stay… so -predictably – protocol was followed and they searched my car.  I don’t care.  Nothing in there anyways.  The whole thing, greencard and futile criminal records searching and so forth took about an entire half hour.   I found it all quite amusing.  They seemed to enjoy themselves too.

So you’re a free spirit, eh?

You could say that. ;-)

Good for you!

As all was aid and done, the main agent took one glove off and we shook hands.  Very nice meeting you!  Enjoy your visit to Canada!  And -kind of unbelievable, I find- then also added:  “But IF you decide to stay…  PLEASE do it the legal way, just like you did in the US.”

 Okay.  Thanks!   [I thought to myself, “You mean: Fall in love and get married???”]

I started my evening sitting with a couple dozen folks at the Victoria Shambhala Meditation Centerre.  So nice to reconnect with the lineage through the chants and practices…  Maybe I’ll stick around for the Shambhala Lineage Festival this weekend.

Yay for Canada.  Good yummy food, fashion, lovely island vibe, such friendly people!, yup-…even a crush [Will I find her and ask her out…? Where-oh-where is she…?], a late night crazy-good dance party [returned home drenched in laser-flickering pulsating sweat], Hadn’t seen such a down-to-earth sexy dance freak show in a long long while. Uninhibited freestyle dancing by most people present (70% women, I’m told that how it is here…).   Slept in my car after drying off.

Nice view in the morning… Stroll on the beach… The United States looks so peaceful from here…  I wonder if I’ll ever return there…

The snow-covered Olympics in the US, as seen from Vancouver Island, Canada, by seagull and I - Sept 21, 2011

Impression summary of the first 24 hours:   I’m afraid they’re going to have to kick me out of this country by force if they really want me to leave…  Seriously.   I guess Victoria grabbed me by the heart…

[PS: My phone is OFF to avoid roaming charges while being in Canada.]

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