Should I stay or should I go?

Friday Harbor, San Juan Island

               — Sept 18, 2011 —

The Olympic Penninsula to the south... Hmmm... Ferry to Sydney, Canada, then ferry from Victoria, Canada to Port Angeles, WA, USA... Perhaps...

After following almost two dozen possible cabin rental leads to their dead end, I’m beginning to wonder if I somehow should ignore the fact that the islanders aren’t exactly encouraging me to get off the island, and get off anyhow…

It is beautiful here.  It feels good.  The people are kind.  Mossy trees.  Pretty views.  Wildlife.  Alpacas, even an actual camel… – ha.  A Tibetan Buddhist retreat center.  Bookstores, coffee shops, wifi, job opportunities,…  Women are in the majority.  (Does that count as a plus?)  Anyhow…  I was even able to dance hard to excellent live rock ‘n roll playing at the Rumor Mill on Friday nite.   Nice wine selection… everywhere.

Speaking of alcohol, reportedly AA is the largest organization on the island, meeting DAILY.  I wish that was funnier than it is…

Places with intense energy tend to (often) lead to lots of people not wanting to deal with that personal growth opportunity.  Rather than dealing with the discomfort surrounding “what comes up”, they go about numbing themselves instead.  So common, so sad.  I do it too sometimes…

You know what I’m thinking?  I should lighten my load (swing by a Goodwill or something), trade my car for a nice sea kayak, put all my stuff in the sea kayak and continue over the water along the Pacific Coast… There’s a thought…  [I shelved going from Alaska to Russia to travel to Europe “the scenic way”… Too much trouble.]

If I ran for office, I would definitely say that "You can see Canada from here."

Same Sh*t everywhere: beautiful land, wonderful people, work if you want to work.  Good place to BUY a home, if you’re loaded, of course… Looking at all the FOR SALE signs everywhere, it’s as if half this island is for sale.  Such a nice place…

Well, maybe no formal retreat after all.  Maybe this is it.  Waiting, sitting, watching my mind go in circles, getting a bit bored, distracting myself, coming back to my body,… I suppose it’s a bit like being on retreat… without the discipline, which I find really hard to maintain unless I set up “the container” for exactly that purpose.

Maybe I should just form an anarchist militia and overthrow some fascist government somewhere…  Hmm…    Is this why people watch TV?  

Wine tasting in Friday Harbor...

I think I’m going to go watch ‘Contagion’ at the local theatre tomorrow…  After coffee.  Maybe I should go have a drink right now…  Oh… darn… right… I see… I can totally see why now…  Already.

Dangerous island…  Maybe I should stay…

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