Waiting. Working. Wondering…

Thursday Sept 15, 2011  – Friday Harbor, WA (USA) – overcast with occasional drizzle…

Sunset over South Beach the other day

It should be fixed online by tomorrow, but it is going to print like this: “WANTED: Quiet secluded cabin rental for 1 month solitary meditation retreat, $500/mo, utilities included. Very nice great, but very small, outhouse, and only most basic amenities no problem. Experienced Shambhala Buddhist practitioner; originally from Dutch-speaking Belgium; Ready to begin retreat ASAP. Open to work-trade proposals too, especially for longer term.”  I filled in all the fields with my (rather crucial) contact information), but those apparently didn’t link in.  Perhaps it can be the source of a good chuckle for the islanders, ’cause without a way to contact me… that’s a damn useless ad.  Unintentional slapstick.  Oh well.  At least the paper ad cost got refunded, and most people look online anyhow, I hear.  So perhaps something will come through soon?

I hope something comes through.  Is “island time” really that slow?  Am I impatient (more likely) or just “spoiled”, “too used to” everything just falling into place effortlessly real fast when it’s meant to be, and when that doesn’t happen, I generally change course real fast.  I’ll give it through the weekend…  People offer kind words of encouragement, also to check the other nearby islands.  I don’t know…

Meanwhile I get a teaser glimpse of cabin life…

Humble Abode on edge of woods, somewhere lovely on San Juan Island. As sweet temporary magical waiting spot...

Surprise dinner snack. Yum!

So perhaps I should count my blessings rather than stare at some yet unmet wish.  My wonderful and wise friend, besides helpful insightful conversations, also graciously offered me a bed in a most fairy-tale-like wooden cabin (above) and even delighted me with dinner snack surprises.   Too close to driveway and other homes, and not offered for that purpose to begin with, it’s not exactly suitable for retreat practice as such, but a wonderful place to wait on what the Universe has in store for me nonetheless, for sure.  Even has a shower in the back. ;-)

The Tibetan Buddhist center on the island is temporarily closed to an (advanced) group retreat till October 8th…  Would be a nice place to check in with afterwards perhaps.

And to top it off I had two days filled with hard labor odd jobs that has helped bring the cost of waiting down.  My body aches almost as much as my soul now…  Expensive rental options abound, but no cheap retreat cabin just yet…

I don’t know.  See what tomorrow brings…

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