San Juan Islands – Path turns inward.

Deception Pass view from cool bridge

Full Moon – September 11, 2011

A ferry, a drive, a ferry, a drive, a ferry, a drive.  That was my day the other day. The locals’ scene at the bar Herbs downtown Friday Harbor, on Friday, was a bit too low vibration bar-like for my taste, with alcohol, but without dancing…  No interesting conversation occured.  Just strangeness. A room rental offer.  A warning of sorts about “cougars”…  Some nice Canadians who “don’t like America” yet seem to enjoy it here just fine… (What’s up with that?).  See, I LOVE America, at least most of the land and her people.  It’s the aliens and the imposed “patriotic” BS I don’t dig.  [And with “aliens” I mean alienated-from-nature flag-waving TV-staring dumbed-down self-declared card-carrying “Americans”]   Which I don’t dig anywhere, not even if it were to come wrapped in a pretty red maple leaf…

Gorgeous sunny weather.  Reconnected with a friend from almost a decade ago.  Made some decisions about where to take this journey.

Kayakers and boaters floating around, waiting / hoping for Orcas or other whales to show themselves on the west side of San Juan Island…  With very few recent sightings, I’ve decided to wait with my kayaking adventure(s)…

The journey is taking a turn DOWN.  As in ‘within’.  The location is yet unknown, but shortly I will be switching gears and go into retreat to rekindle spiritual practices aimed at surrendering to ‘what is’, to strip myself of conditional schemings, agenda-setting and mental chatter so that I may reconnect with a genuine spirit of being of service.   In short: just be and let the dust settle.  Center.  Surrender.  Open.  Invoke.  Intuit.  Be.  Let be.

Chances are blog posts will be scarce for awhile again.  Arrival in Oregon/California has been postponed indefinitely.  Phone’s usually turned off as am generally in places without cell phone coverage.  E-mail, although access may be reduced to weekly at most, is the best way to reach me.

Bald Eagle perched in tree overlooking Puget Sound

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