Radioactive Cesium in US milk Sept 2011 Update: Slight Improvement?

— Vashon Island, WA – Sept 8, 2011 —  [8/29 add-on: nevermind, Cesium-137 content in Bay Area milk went back up since: :-/  If they took the permanent link down again, try]

Given Cesium-137 has a half-life of about 30 years, leaving it dangerous for 10 – 20 half life cycles (300 to 600 years and then some), it’s not something that goes away that quickly.  But apparently the amount of the Cesium-137 Fukushima-Daiichi fallout showing up in cows’ milk in California, as tested by the Unversity of California Bekerley, is on the decrease [yay!], and has now has dipped below the EPA maximum norm (0f about 0.111 Bq/L) for an entire month for the first time since March:

Dates are for “Best used by” (hence the future date of Sept 12, 2011)

 Flashback:  On May 26, 2011, I had posted “Going Radio-Lactose-Intollerant“, in which I questioned the radiation-safety of dairy in the US.  Although the official testing of foods remains absolutely dismal (and basically WE HAVE NO CLUE -whatsoever- whether food is safe or not – The US government sucks about as badly as the Japanese in that regard), the tiny bit of testing done by this one university in this one location at least gives a slight hint of a possible improvement on the US West Coast…  [Well… maybe…]

For whatever that’s worth.

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