At Sea Level

Pacific Ocean Sea Level – Sept 7, 2011

Left or Right?   I sit at the stop sign…   pondering the next move.  Left or right?

choices, choices...

.Somehow, eventually I’m heading towards the west coast and decide to take the scenic route by way of Highway 97 and then 2.  After a night camping on Forest Service land, I filled the gas tank in Leavenworth and wrote the previous blogpost (about 9/11 having been an inside job of sorts) and went about my way.  Or so I thought.   Except…

Leavenworth itself…    Check it out:

Had I taken a wrong turn and, by way of some time-space warp tunnel, somehow landed in southern Germany or… somewhere?

Thinking to myself, “wtf is this?”, I pulled over and parked to go walk around a bit.  Trippy bizarre surprise.  A (copied, yet quite nicely done) “Bavarian Village” in the Cascade mountains!  Gothic scripted signage and all.   I decided to have a meal.  Met locals.  Got invited to stay in a guest room.  [Thank you!!!]  Met more locals later.  Enjoyed the coffee and absolutely delicious and healthy food at Renaissance Cafe and  Good Mood Food ;-)  and speaking Dutch/Flemish with the latter owners, a rare treat.  A way cool community filled with warmhearted creative people…

Three full days later I continued my trip west over Stevens Pass into Seattle…   Rolled through town in the late evening, zapped over its spaghetti of freeways, got lost a bit, but still managed to catch the last ferry…

… to an Island in the Puget Sound… ;-)

Mossy branches in lush forests hint it isn’t always this warm and sunny here… (I knew that…)    Unbelievably nice to be back in the Pacific Northwest. The ‘Welcome Home’ feeling that started in Leavenworth continues…

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