Fukushima Fallout: California and Pacific Northwest more contaminated than half Japan

Noteworthy:  A Cesium fallout simulation map ON LAND, made by the French CEREA (joint laboratory École des Ponts ParisTech and EdF R&D).  

See how well that fits with the Chernobyl vs Fukushima comparison I made for the contamination of Japan?

–> Already on May 19, 2011, I showed that the Cesium 134/137 contamination in the region surrounding the Fukushima-Daiichi plant compared to the Chernobyl hotspots, and that MOST fallout fell in the Pacific and beyond.   That comparison of Fukushima vs Chernobyl is my most-viewed blogpost thus far.

Check out CEREA’s simulated dispersion map of the Chernobyl fallout in 1986. (Same CEREA Bq/m^2 fallout color scale, but NOT on the same distance scale!):

The SOURCE: http://cerea.enpc.fr/en/fukushima.html also has an animated simulation of the modeled atmospheric dispersion.  Check it out at the source.

[ Hat tip to http://ex-skf.blogspot.com/ for bringing this to my attention. ]

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