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Extended Fukushima Fallout Maps – Sept 29 MEXT Release. Fukushima vs. Chernobyl – 2

The shortlink for this blogpost is This blog post shows my expanded/improved “map translations” comparing Fukushima and Chernobyl fallout, improved from my earlier attempt to do so, posted in May 2011 (not as good, but it was the original, which includes more … Continue reading

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Canadian 10 Dollar bill: Lest We Forget.

[November 11, ….  – This 2011 blogpost has been temporary brought back to the front page for Armistice Day, remembered in many places around the world with many people wearing a red Flemish poppy on their clothes…] Sept 27, 2011 – … Continue reading

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Cetaceans Day! ;-) Porpoises up close. Orcas everywhere! (I’m high on Whale Watching!)

Sept 21, 2011 – Victoria, BC – Canada Headed into the Haro Strait in a speedboat.  Woohoo!  First sightings were Porpoise, the smallest and fastest of the cetaceans.  Some jumped right in front of us up close, splashing and going under … Continue reading

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ECRR Recommendations translated to Japanese

The Japanese translation of 2010 ECRR (European Commission on Radiation Risk) Recommendations has been published by Mihama No Kai, see: here [requires Japanese script being installed].   In Japanese: In English:   Overview and Resources in English/French/Russian/Japanese/Spanish, see: This is an important … Continue reading

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Radioactive Cesium in US milk Sept 2011 Update: Slight Improvement?

— Vashon Island, WA – Sept 8, 2011 —  [8/29 add-on: nevermind, Cesium-137 content in Bay Area milk went back up since: :-/  If they took the permanent link down again, try Given Cesium-137 has a half-life of about 30 … Continue reading

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Short “Fiction” Film: ‘Blind’ [–Fukushima related–]

This important and timely artistic film is set in a post-nuclear Tokyo in a situation not so different from ours.   A young mainstream working man’s morning commute takes a surreal turn.  Click on the above black bar, the link … Continue reading

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At Sea Level

Pacific Ocean Sea Level – Sept 7, 2011 Left or Right?   I sit at the stop sign…   pondering the next move.  Left or right? .Somehow, eventually I’m heading towards the west coast and decide to take the scenic … Continue reading

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