Cowboys and aliens dance in Jackson

Jackson, Wyoming – Friday August 25, 2011 – 2:40 am.

The weather forecast (“Areas of smoke in the morning. Partly cloudy with isolated thunderstorms. Some thunderstorms may produce gusty winds.”) for tomorrow and the weekend might keep me ‘in town’.  Pricey town…  A normal studio can run easily around $1,500, double damn pricey Park City, Utah.   [Learned since that half of that is possible too; depends on the location.]  A “cheap motel room”, around $150/night.  Found one for $75, though.  Score.   First shower in 10 days felt unbelievably wonderful.   “Tracked” (intuited) the spot after being told what the cheapest was. I simply somehow didn’t believe it and walked further and asked one more place, where the last little room might actually be the cheapest one in town!  :-)   And walking distance from the square!

Food at Cadillac’s, drinks at the Tavern, and then 2 blocks west: excellent grooves by a DJ in some wine bar.  When my shirt is soaking wet when I walk home, it means I had a good time.  I had a great time dancing at the last spot.

Still don’t quite know how to take ‘compliments’.   A cowboy-hatted stoic local telling me “Thanks for being A REAL MAN!” and strangely not being facetious…  [I told him, “I have no clue what you actually mean by that, but thanks.  I guess.”]  He smiled and did some complicated hand-shaking stuff I couldn’t quite figure out either,  Code for… ?  ;-)  Something Wyoming-cowboy-ish…  No clue.  Back to the dance floor…  Totally don’t know what to do with girls pushing their ass into me either.  Where did that “dance move” come from anyhow?  Local telling me I’m the “best dancer “? wtf.  That would be sad…   I feel sober, even.  Sorta. :)  But I did get warnings a-plenty:  “You fit in here well.  Be careful.  You could get stuck here“, which generally comes with a big smile.   Meaning…?  Anyhow…  Funny bunch.  Turned down a 3-week dishwashing job offer.  ;-)

I really don’t think I should stay here beyond my late summer ponderings… But maybe even that is “too mental”…?  One thing I know, though:  I don’t care about job security.  I want joy security.  Silly jobs, low-paying jobs, high-paying jobs, freelancing,… can all totally be part of that.   But it needs to be in someplace I’d like to stay, though.  Unless I’m broke, but I won’t let it come to that point.  Where I want to live is a place with less winter than the other 3 seasons combined.  (that leaves out the Canadian and northern end of the US Rockies)  That’s a bottom line.  Several locals have already joked I won’t be able to leave as I like it too much.  ha. True on the latter.  I do actually like it here A LOT…  Oh well…  I’ll see.  I’ll have to go on a shamanic journey for clues, I’m sure.

Jackson Hole somehow feels WAY more ‘earthy’ than Park City, or so it seems.  Dig it.  Had some clarifying phone conversations with a most-dear friend that helped put some of the past in healthier perspectives too…   (To some extent I’m still unwinding from what was a bit of a hellish spring on several fronts.)   The phone conversation’s view… not bad either:


Meanwhile, the nearby forest wildfire has grown some more…  As the night sky is absolutely amazing here, I LOVE the photo on the front page of the Jackson Hole Daily today:

The Milky Way rises above flames from the Red Rock Fire burning in the Gros Ventre on Wednesday night. Officials warn that sections of the Gros Ventre Road could close at any time. PRICE CHAMBERS/JACKSON HOLE DAILY

According to the Wildfire website,, the nearby Red Rock Wildfire, 26 miles northeast of Jackson is now at 6,582 acres (as of 8/26/2011 around 1 pm)

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