Radiation hotspots as far south as Tokyo

I may have abandoned frequent updates on the (ongoing) Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear reactors disaster, but since I still get quite a number of visitors checking out my fallout contamination comparison map of Fukushima versus Chernobyl (from May 19, 2011), I want to point out some more recent findings…

Because the contamination of Cs-134 & Cs-137 is so similar in the region surrounding the Daiichi plants, compared to the Chernobyl plants, the contamination map of Europe at least hints of how much probably fell into the Pacific and beyond, but also that it is very likely for there to be hotspots in other parts of Japan (or Korea, China and even North America for that matter).

The radiation Defense Project, a Japanese grassroots campaign, is doing soil sampling across Japan and their findings, sadly, are confirming this is indeed the case.   As far south as Saitama, Tokyo and Chiba very high concentrations of radioactive Cesium were found.  The data can be downloaded in PDF format from there website [click image to the left], or here:  http://doc.radiationdefense.jp/dojyou1_en.pdf

A measurement from Saitama, in the northern-western outskirts of the Tokyo metropolitan region, showed a disturbingly 919,100 Bq/m^2, and in Chiba, just a bit southwest of Tokyo still shows a whopping 455,845 Bq/m^2.  Of course, if the Japanese government chooses to present the fallout data the way they did with the Fukushima regional fallout map, most will all just look dark or light blue… But even Saitama will look a scary… green.   But check out how it compares when presented the way Chernobyl’s maps were presented:  While measurements in Tokyo City would include ‘at least orange’ hotspots, in the area just surrounding Tokyo, places lake Chiba and Saitama would have dark red hotspots, just one color below the darkest brown on the Chernobyl presentation scale.

Click image to go to the blogpost that shows the sources of this map legend comparison

Click the map comparison mentioned at the beginning of this blog post to see the maps.

While on the topic:

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