Grounding in the Tetons

August 20, 2011 – I used to know this time as “weekend”, a now meaningless term again.  — Grand Teton National Park  — The main nearby (short drive) Visitor Center has WiFi!  (And the even closer one has Coffee! ;-) )

Adjusting the side mirror for picture sake is better done once parked... ;-)

I seriously need to keep reminding myself I’m the driver, not the dreamy passenger… so as to avoid enjoying the landscape too much from a moving vehicle…  Even the visitor guide warns about the gorgeous distractions and urges to use the turnouts every so many stones’ throws.

Chill’n by Lake Jenny.  Gorgeous ice cold sunrises, hot afternoons, pleasant evenings by the fire.  Deer, Elk, hawks, trout in the clear water, herons, coyotes,…  And rescue helicopters working overtime, apparently.  I hope the climbers are okay; still a lot of snow up there.

> Got a nice campsite with both a view and shade, perfect for painting.  ‘Landscape?” a passerby asked. “That would be a stretch… Maybe INNER landscape”, I replied.  The older German tourist came to have a peek and visually uncomfortble said ‘nice’, looked utterly speechless and wished me a nice day.  haha.  Must be them swastikas in the design… (photo of painting coming soon)

My current PLAN is: to finish one painting here, then add a couple strenuous hikes.   All I’ve done so far is more like just little walks, journaling,… and painting when I’m in the right serene space to do so.  It’s getting better.   No plans beyond this week just yet.  The question is shifting from “where to?” to “what is most important (to me)?”…

The kind Buffalo Field Campaign activist folks, tabling up front, invited me to their activist camp-out in the nearby National Forest.  Maybe I’ll go check it out.  Maybe not.  Depends on which way the wind blows…

Check ‘m out:    Important work, ongoing.

Turns out I was at some protests some were at too, over a decade ago.  Some folks kept at it all these years…  Hat’s off.   I can’t imagine ever going back to the intensity of activist subculture, but the overall high ethics, application of truly grassroots direct democracy principles, such as the use of Formal Consensus Decision-Making, and passionate love for wilderness I haven’t found anywhere else yet.

Haven’t seen a bear just yet.  It’s actually been awhile…  Haven’t even seen a mountain lion since 2004…  BUT!

I saw my first Badger! ;-)  A BADGER, with a reputation of being one of the most fearless/aggressive/ferocious animals (towards its prey, not humans), wandered right by me, 3 meters away max, right through my tent site!  ;-)  (Didn’t have my camera handy…)

I had never seen one before, very cool looking animal, much bigger than I thought.

And the beat goes on…

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