Antelope Island State Park (in the Great Salt Lake)

Funny how this went…  I really have No CLUE where I’m going, do I?  lol

A surprise dinner date (delicious Sushi in a church-turned-restaurant) with a gorgeous young lady I had briefly met at the Park City Arts Fair lured me to SLC last minute.  Simply a lovely start.  It wouldn’t have worked out anyhow, but the company was all worth it in itself.  ;-)  And thus, later on, as I headed north on I-15 and found myself wavering a little on the traffic-less late night freeway… I got off and checked myself into a motel.  Which turned out to be just miles from the entrance of Antelope Island.  Some of the oldest rocks on the planet are found there, over 2 billion years old, older than the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  A place with ancient stories to tell… Day fee $9… checked it out.  Loved it so much, decided to stay.  Over night camping is still a reasonable $13/night.  Which turned into a week…  So fitting: hanging out with mostly migratory birds, wondering what and where ‘home’ is.  :-)   The shores of the Great Salt lake are home to millions of birds.


There’s so many birds, ’cause there’s so many insects…  There is still some room on my back and in my face, but most parts of my body are well-dotted with (100+) mosquito bites from ONE sunset hike on which I had neither bug spray, nor extra clothes, nor made it into my car or tent on time…   Scratch therapy still proves delirous-makingly futile.The island is also home to bobcats.  Yay.   I loved the coyotes howling in the morning.  Seen a dozen or so Bison (the wrongly named “American Buffalo”) and a couple Antelope, too.

An energy healing session is often best followed up on with a nice salt bath soak, to help clear heavier energies.  And so after one session (I work on myself  ’cause I know all too well I take my mind along…), -tada- I could just walk into my very own gigantic salt bath…  With salinity 5 times higher than the ocean, it’s quite fun to float around in.  Impossible to drown.  Without moving, I stuck chest-high out of the water.  ;-)

And there’s showers on Bridger Bay beach.

Wild Bison and Antelope, right in Salt Lake City’s backyard: Most of my time I stared at the canvass, every now and then mixing some colors and adding a little to the painting-in-progress…  The stunning sunset colors filled me up for weeks to come.  After the orange turns to pink, it turned a surreal purple.  The combination salt water, desert air and city pollution?  Simply incredible.  Colors not adjusted:

Sunset over the Great Salt Lake from Antelope Island, Utah – mid-August 2011 – © All Photos by Michaël Van Broekhoven

But last night’s thunderstorm, HOLY SH*T!  That’s definitely one of the fiercer ones I’ve camped in.  Awesome lightning!   I stuck it out with a foot or hand in every corner to keep the tent in place (somewhat).  My camping neighbors were less fortunate and drove off to a motel, as the gutsy winds shred theirs to pieces…

Lovely cool morning breeze…  Where shall you take me today, sweet car?  Surprise me, gently.

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