LIBERTY! And interplanetary good vibrations for all…!

“[…] More than machinery, we need humanity. More than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost. […]”
    …………………………………………….– Charlie Chaplin, in ‘The Great Dictator’ (1940)

CLICK IMAGE to access YouTube video at

!!! –>  Watch/Listen @:

(Which, i must say: quite nice when played synchroneously [sp?] with the Inception Soundtrack (same timing): )

Full movie Speech transcript:

PS: For those few who frequent this blogsite, “Power has been restored.”  YES!  The adaptor arrived and I’m back online.  No radiation data graphs for Park City (or wherever I go) just yet…  until I’ve broken the brain muscle in my head that obstructs figuring out how to run a particular Windows msi-code on this mac…  [to be continued!]  — Next in line to be restored:  Heaven on Earth.    — Stay tuned.

regional X-ray emissions of Saturn. Click to listen to the planet's (probably unrelated) radio sounds...

On the note of Heaven on Earth:  Tuning suggestion (LYAO and enjoy:), HERE. (Not sure about the freak’n sound…, but the gist of the description I resonate with.)   That was Venus;

!!! –>  for Saturn, and actually supplied by NASA, WAY COOL and a remaining a total mystery, check this out: radio wave emissions from planet Saturn put to sound:

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