Hardware delay – part 2… (+ PC is a gamma heaven, says my Scout)

Second key part of adaptor cord wasn’t included.  Grrrr.  My bad.  Hopefully by the weekend.  I’m starting to miss my prefered way to pass time after work…  Wiggling it stopped doing the trick… :-/

The Geiger Counter I had ordered on March 16 did finally arrive, though. :-)  They were sold out within days after the March 11 disaster and the “will ship within 2 weeks” quickly turned into 2.5 months… A key component normally made in Japan had to be made somewhere else and it took ‘m some time to get the same quality, so they said.  Anyhow… I’m READY!  (j/k)

 The world’s 442 nuclear power plants (see here) may now all melt down, and the 20,000+ nuclear bombs which our collectively insane humanity has pointed at ourselves (see here) may now all be detonated…  in which case – for the moments I could possibly tell the tale – you’d get nicely plotted measured radiation graphs with that, so you’ll know when to take those potassium iodine (KI) pills (which I still haven’t bothered to order since I-131 levels would have to be so sky-high for that to even make any sense (and blocking the thyroid by basically overdosing on pharmaceutical KI isn’t risk-free either), it only protects from 1 type of cancer, and the state of Utah itself has some 3 million doses stored if need be anyhow….  So… Hence my choice for just a fancy Geiger Counter.  At least I now also have a toy to test for radon (in caves and abandoned mines, for instance), or find spots with higher uranium content (as is the case in various spots across the Rockies), etc.   Holding it up to a banana or brasil nuts (which are high in radioactive potassium-40) didn’t impress me either. 

Apparently, (I think normal) background radiation in Park City is so high (gamma ray spikes up to just over 0.5 microSievert, which is 5-10 times more than what’s common at sea level… and significantly higher than Salt Lake City – must be the altitude) that any remaining radiation from Cs-137 & Cs-134 fallout is not clear yet.  Good chance it’s so low it’s negligeable.   But… no power, no plotting of graphs…  It will all have to wait till… then.   Usually the gamma ray detection is fluctuating between 0.1 and 0.3 uSv/hr, so I had set the alarm (light beeping sound) for 0.4 microSievert/hour, and was suprised it would get that high 1-3 times per day.  So I changed it to 0.5 and only had it beep once.  The alarm is now set for 0.6.  Beeps no more.   :-)  Ahhh… Raising the upper limit DOES work!  Maybe the government’s been right all along.  ;-)

This internet-less life (away from work) is actually kind of strange and interesting.  A 3+ day ‘Memorial Weekend’ and no blogposts, nor even checking email, news or anything… Refreshingly retro.   The timing was a bit off, as it snowed most of the weekend (well, 2 inches perhaps, maybe 3 if most didn’t melt during the day).  Watching the snow fall while being online would have been nice…  But then again, so was hanging out on Main Street and working a little on a painting that keeps begging for it… 

I’ll be back… when I’ll be back…

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