Greenpeace finds troubling seaweed contamination + lab link

May 13, 2011:  “Initial tests of the 22 seaweed samples collected by Greenpeace along the coast North and South of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, and up to 65 km out to sea by its flag ship Rainbow Warrior registered significantly high levels of radioactive contamination.

Ten samples show levels over 10,000 Bq/kg, while the official safety limits for seaweed are 2,000 Bq/kg for Iodine-131 and 500 Bq/kg for Caesium-137.SOURCE:  (or in Dutch, here)

May 26, 2011:  “The new data shows that some seaweed contamination levels are not only 50 times higher than safety limits – far higher than our initial measurements showed – but also that the contamination is spreading over a wide area, and accumulating in sea life, rather than simply dispersing like the Japanese authorities originally claimed would happen.”   – SOURCE:  OR CLICK IMAGE:

I relayed Greenpeace’s on-land radioactivity for Fukashima soil and background radiation dose measurements in my April 11, 2011 blogpost ‘Greenpeace Team measurements’ Google Map‘.

The story has two Belgian aspects: The main Greenpeace nuclear expert, Jan van de Putte (More here [in Dutch]), is a Belgian (from Leuven, the same town I grew up near). He directly partook in the soil sampling and is now on board the Rainbow Warrior.  (Click here to help build the new ship!)   Since they couldn’t find a lab in Japan to do this crucial work reliably, the samples were taken to labs in France and Belgium.  Being originally from there, I wondered: which lab in Belgium did they use?  The article didn’t say, but my first guess would be SCK-CEN, the renowned Belgian Nuclear Research Centre near the town of Mol (click banner to access site (in English, French and Dutch):

CLICK to access SCK-SKN’s SERVICES page:

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