Going Radio-Lactose-Intollerant

In Judo, I never cared enough to go beyond green, but at least I have now graduated to a black belt in coffee drinking.   A little white splash of radioactive Fukushima I-131 or Cs-137 in my half-‘n-half didn’t bother me for too many weeks, but…  No more.   Since the other day, my coffee remains black.  Black.   It’s going on for too long and the government data blackout is simply unacceptable, imo.  If radiolactoseintollerant isn’t a word yet, yes, that too, it is one now.

Radiolactoseintollerance, noun. (radiolactoseintollerant, adj.): not tolerating elevated radionuclide levels in dairy products, regardless of government assurances, especially when supposed testing authorities also refuse to do adequate testing to proof they’re right.

My informed guestimate is… the milk remains slightly radioactive in North America and the agencies that could be testing all over and on a regular basis are failing the consumer completely.  Since the dairy and fishery industries are not stepping up with their own efforts and/or outcry, as far as I’m concerned, besides valid health concerns, they deserve to be boycotted on principle.   Not that I need a reason, but here’s a few anyhow:

1) The EPA & FDA now refuse to do any additional radionuclide testing for RAIN, MILK, FISH and large leafy greens all over the country (next EPA testing of rain, milk and crops is in 3 months…).  

2) Data from the Nuclear Engineering department of UC Berkeley regarding raw milk show Cesium-137 not continuing its decline as I expected (see image of raw milk below, and of milk by best-by-date below that.)

click to access most recent data: http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/node/4227

Click image to access latest data for Bay Area MILK: http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/node/2174

3) California Milk dated for ‘Best by’ for early June continues to improve (for Iodine-131, for instance, it’s back in the clear completely), yet…  (Northern California) milk still hasn’t dipped below the 0.111 Bq/L maximum EPA limit.  Sonoma County in Northern California has not stood out specifically in any fallout simulations; and likely hasn’t received  more fallout than other parts of North America.  If anything, many other areas north and east likely received more fallout so far.  But the EPA quit testing, so…:  no data, no milk consumption.  I can easily wait 3 months…  or more.  

On a side-note, I must say: glad the “trend?“-line  in my spoof ‘Got Cesium?’ milk ad panned out a lot better than suggested there… – see HERE.

4) the last time the EPA did tests, the northern Utah region was among the top receivers of Cesium-137 fallout (# 3 according to the EPA data, which are strangely lower than UC Berkeley’s; and since Salt Lake City received  7.03 Bq/L of Cs-137 precipitaion on March 28th, 2011  (see my 4/16/2011 blogpost HERE); and Kansas, further east, received even more 10 days later, it is ANYONE’s GUESS what is currently really being sold locally (or in any untested region for that matter), as far as fallout levels go.

If this article from Hawaii is any indication (May 10, making mention of radionuclide levels up to 1,400 TIMES normal),  http://hawaiihealthguide.com/healthtalk/display.htm?id=915&hhsid=9ea42c3eb9d93ab4faf7ca3cd98ee6d8 :

So… the levels may be very low (relatively) where I live…, but if people in the big business fisheries and dairies think they’ll fare better without public fallout data, I sure hope their deceptive approach (“ignorance is strength”) will backfire.   

Test the food, or go bankrupt, s******!

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