MSM so delayed it’s almost slapstick…

…impatient as I can get I wiggled the power cord fo’-evah…  and if I now manage not to move…  … so I can finish the complementary blogpost I had started putting together last weekend:  a map comparisson for I-131 for Fukushima Daiichi versus Chernobyl.  (see a blogpost SOON)

To compare fallout maps for Cesium-137 for Fukushima Daiichi 2011 versus Chernobyl 1986, see my post HERE on how to do this; and see HERE for a basic view of what a distance-and-value-scale-adjusted map comparison could look like here.

Newspapers have graphics departments that could do this a hundred times better, but… alas… no such luck yet… What can I say?  :-/    The media’s treatment of this whole thing remains a bit of a mind-bogler for me…  So in the spirit of “don’t judge the media, BE the media”, I continue…  THANK YOU for all feedback by way of Facebook, Twitter and email (from Park City to Alaska, from Belgium to Russia… all the way to information-very-hungry Japan).   It it quite nice to read that some people out there apparently appreciate the results of my after-work boredom-coping strategy…


Speaking of newspapers…  they’ll catch up eventually… but – holy smokes!- I read in The “all the news that fit to print” New York Times  today (over lunch – I feel so lucky when someone leaves something better than USA Today of the Salt Lake City Tribune behind…) that TEPCO confirmed (no way, they did? -lol) that there were actual full-on meltdowns (!!!) in units 1, 2, and 3… and they reported it like… like it was ‘news‘.  Bizarre.  Here’s the article (May 25, 2011):

I had no idea the Mainstream media (“MSM”) was that far behind on reporting on this ongoing nuclear disaster…  I’m surprised [– no, sadly, I’m not -] that they didn’t jump on the opportunity to make fun of TEPCO’S over-the-top-delayed admittance of meltdowns… Oh well…    How long until “China Syndrome” will be admitted?  They hinted at it…  sorta…   in a denying way, and in not (yet) even mentioning the strangely very high radioactive levels found in sewage as far away as Tokyo… (On China Syndrome, see my blogpost May 17, 2011: HERE; on the (quite possible Unit 1 – China-syndrome-induced…, I think) groundwater contamination, see Ex-SFK’s 5/21/2011 blogpost, HERE)

By the way, for anyone just discovering my blog, I’m NOT a first-hand source (on most materials // the map interpretation aids, yes, I may have produced something original), but in general: 3rd at best.  My best sources thus far, as far as the Fukushima nuclear crisis goes, have been, in this order (and it is totally worth it to check out their older reports!):

1) Fairewinds Associates:
2) Ex-SKF  blog (Japanese/English with excellent non-nonsense commentary):
3) Jeff Rense‘s compilation pile re. Japan (look for just that in the left column topic-specific compilations if you prefer to avoid the rest he throws on the pile):

–> Or see my list of Nuclear News links: 

Anyhow, I was (a little) surprised by the New York Times being A MONTH behind to the blogosphere…  I don’t think I’m particularly “on top of this”, as this blog is a total side-kick for the hell of it, but on April 20, 2011, I reported (HERE) that:   The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency [NISA] has reported to a Cabinet Office safety panel that nuclear fuel pellets in the Nos. 1 to 3 reactors at the quake-hit Fukushima power station are believed to have partially melted.  The report was the first time the agency, […] has acknowledged that nuclear fuel has melted at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant.  […] The agency had previously only described the nuclear fuel as having been at least 3 percent “damaged.”  […]”

Anyhow…  I guess now TEPCO admitted it too.  woohoo… :-/   But who cares about TEPCO anymore?  Except for the workers, as an information source, i mean…  I guess they’ve ruined their chance badly to impress the world with brutal honesty, direct communication, transparency and disaster response expertise… Too bad.   Certainly not due to lack of know-how, character or willingness among the Japanese.

Perhaps it’s the corporate culture’s last spasms… kicking and screaming to stay in power “as was”… but it won’t, ’cause it can’t …unless, at bare bones minimum, it embraces ethics as a MINIMUM organizing principle, over power.

If it had happened in the United States, it think would be a lot worse, though…

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