Iodine-131: two months later, the monkey comes out of the sleeve…

“Now the monkey comes out of the sleeve” is a direct translation of the Dutch expression “nu komt de aap uit de mouw“, actually meaning: now the truth is being revealed.  Don’t ask me where this originated…   :-)

Thanks to, I turned my attention to the maps of SPEEDI (which has been on my Japan news page since the beginning, but due to their slow bureaucratic nature and easily-unable-to-find-REAL-NEWS… I stopped checking regularly…).  Wasn’t able to succeed in installing the extra Japanese fond downloads, so I’ll just copy from ex-skf, who added perfecture names, and I added red/purple high I-131 March 25’s  I-131 values (just for clearer boundaries of where the levels were extremely (green, yellow and beyond) high:

May 23 – midnight — Just in case: … Not much battery power left, and somehow my power cord is not working… so I might have to update/edit this when this issue is resolved…  

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