I’d rather be blogging.

Quick note from work.

Oh darn Apples…  Such awesome computers, yet such weak adapter power cords…  Just beyond the 1 yr warranty… 14 months and already in need of replacement.  MothaF…

No blogposts until new one arrives (already shipped).

Before the de facto power-outage I managed to update my ‘Radiation Exposure Effects’ page a little, though:  see the RADIOACTIVITY tab above, (then scroll to the subtab from there), or click here: https://allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/radioactivity/radiation_exposure_effects/  It’s turned into more of an opinion piece, I suppose, with me favoring the far more cautious ECRR findings over the dominant ICRP model.  Leave a comment with other good sources that could be helpful additions (perspectives, nuances, charts to help gauge levels in becquerel or sievert, etc.), if you know of any. Tx.

A little n0-blog-posting vacation it is.  Perfectly coinciding with a welcome splash of real nice sunny spring weather!  :-)

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