Fukushima News

As I’ve gotten a little jaded on the topic 2 months in,  I rarely actually check my own list of Radioactivity and Japan/Fukushima News Sources.  

I often only check these two: Ex-SKK and Rense.  

Click to enter site: http://ex-skf.blogspot.com/ (Donate if you can - he deserves it!)

The Japanese blogger who runs the EX-SKF blog, I highly recommend:  http://ex-skf.blogspot.com/

Here’s an example of its kick-ass news, translation, and commentary sharing service:

Less ‘recommended’ (just cause there’s too much included on the site I can’t vouch for), but still quite excellent is the compilation pile at Rense.com. On the Fukushima Nuclear topic, it’s been better than some other topics, in my opinion: http://www.rense.com/

Click to access http://www.rense.com/ (Donate if you can. - He deserves it)

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