3 SCALE-MATCHED Radiation Hotspot Maps: Chernobyl vs Fukushima

[5.20.2011 – 9 pm Correction made (see below). Also available now:  VISUAL SUMMARY, see my next blogpost, here]

Using the Legends and maps of the previous blogpost, below are a couple comparisons.  100 kilometer on each map is THE SAME: I adjusted the map sizes to make the distances match up, so a better comparison is now possible.  They are approximations, and my color-translations include some guesswork (where to put the color boundary without more detailed information).  Here’s a couple examples:

– below: Chernobyl fallout map detail, same Chernobyl in Fukushima Colors, Fukushima Cesium fallout in Fukushima/MEXT colors- all on same scale:

– below: Fukushima and Fukushima in Europe’s UNEP colors
(see previous 3 blogposts for more details):


Image on Right is an exaggeration (my bad), below is the more accurate one. (This is just for a general idea.)


More accurate than one above. See mention of May 20 Correction, below.

! – CORRECTION on ABOVE image: man, I must have been tired (it was after 2 am when I created this… and I work 9-5), the image on the right above would be an exaggeration, as the darkest brown should only go as far as the yellow, and the darkest red only as far as the light blue.  Leaving out some of the hot spot details just south-west of the NNP, disregard the first and check the improved image, above for comparison  – Added on (still) May 20, 2011 about 9 pm SMT (Utah, USA) – end correction.].

– below: Chernobyl (scaled detail from map 1 in previous blogpost) in UNEP colors (from map 3)
Fukushima (scaled detail from map 4 in previous blogpost) in UNEP colors (from map 3):

(correction applied as well)

To compare the size of Japan with that of Europe (used in the visual summary, here), I used the images posted here:  http://mapfrappe.blogspot.com/2011/03/japan-and-tokyo.html.   All other sources are listed in the previous 3 blogposts on this topic.  Regarding this very last comparison:  1) These measurements are from April 29, 2011 totals.  2) The predominant wind direction in the Fukushima image (above, right) has been towards the Pacific Ocean, where monitoring has been scant and fallout spread underwater (dilution, as they prefer to call it…).   With the massive dumping of contaminated water, as well as (also ongoing over 2 months later) run-off seeping into the ground, the water (both groundwater, surface and ocean) surrounding Fukushima and far beyond is of an unprecedented magnitude.  In that light the refusal of the FDA to test fish for Cesium-137 and 134 is so uncomprehensible it suggests an unspoken agenda (such as trying to protect Alaska’s fisheries?).    See also my VISUAL SUMMARY (next blogpost), HERE.

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