Full Moon in Scorpio – Setting Intensions

I was looking for an image of the full moon rising over Fukushima... oh well.

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Still Full Moon, sorta…   May 18 –  While tens of thousands of devotees have been chanting sutras and lighting incense at temples in the Himalayas to celebrate the anniversary of Buddha’s birth, I did my very benign version of something related…

Besides the pretty light dance of moon light and clouds, it’s a good time to set intentions.

Although, meanwhile,  La Luna herself has actually already moved into Sagitarius by the time I post this, the Full Moon energy remains palpable and will be in (so I read) this powerful astro-shamanic zone for at least another day.

I’m sensitive to it, don’t quite understand why it affects me, but it does (when I somehow lose track of the moon phases, the night I feel more awake than sleepy generally puts me right back in tune with it.)  This month, strangely starting several days before, it seemed extra strong…  Enough to prompt me the other day to finally attend to a sand painting and allow some heavier patterns that were wearing me down really badly last week and especially over the weekend to shift (the sand painting, one of many transmutational tools I learned from TFWs, was just doing its magic while laying on my studio’s floor within opened sacred space), clean like a maniac (literally in this case) on a Monday night of all times (dishes, laundry, recycling, burn pile, floor sweep, trash, fridge,… even took the sink plumbing apart to clear those drains – ha), and do a fire ceremony on Tuesday (with candle and tiny sticks as it was rain-snowing outside)…

Okay… I set my intentions, which include that I still don’t intent to use this blog for too much personal stuff (there’s already meeting up, telephone, and email for that).  I suppose I digressed…  Happens.

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