Free Tibet? 访问被拒绝 !

Tibetan Buddhism  Tibetan Buddhism  Tibetan Buddhism  Wrah-ha-ha!


Just kidding.  访问被拒绝 is “Access Denied” in simplified Chinese.  No ordinary person in China can access my blog anyhow, as I hint of Tibetan Buddhism in my Bio and even, *** ******, make mention of it in this March 29 blogpost.  In fact, “China’s Google”, won’t even show my blog no matter what is searched on it.  On Google, search even something as generic as “easy access radiation monitors” and I still beat the EPA.  hehe

Several emails about ‘Access Denied’ to my blog from friends in the presumed-still-moderately-free world (USA, Belgium, Ireland,… ), however, has made me comb through my posts and replace some words with some other ways of writing those same g*dd*mn f*c**ng  filter-tr*ggering w**ds.     Hopefully, that helps.

Can I still write afcissm if I mix up the characters?  How about octronl-frkaes?  Ashsoels?

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