Cinco de Mayo ramble

I’m wondering if the blog experiment is already reaching its end again for me.  I found myself strangely speechless last night.  Surfed around a little… not much to report… just rambling bit and pieces from my online walk in the park:

The latest crop circle (April 29) (<–click to see it) was okay, but not particularly intriguing.  So I pondered others, from many years ago, in this lovely photo gallery of some ‘state of the art’ crop circles from years gone-by:

UK - August 13, 2000

and after minutes of looking, I left with impressions of geometric beauty, but otherwise truly nothing to say…  It’s one of many phenomena I truly do not know what to think of, but I really appreciate ‘m.

Solar activity is expected to be rather low during the next couple days, with the active sunspots not being very active at all either, and just a breeze of solar wind coming from that little coronal hole (dark area in pic)…   Here’s a view of the sun, as relayed by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) probe, this May 5, 2011:

Sun - May 5, 2011 - Source: SDO by way of

Beautiful life-giving Sun…  Would be interesting if a mega-solar flare were to fry this speedy world’s electronics… No TV, no internet, cell phones useless… social media addicts freaking out without the bs we’ve gotten used to…   On speechless days like this, I would almost hope to enjoy it in my lifetime, even just to have something to talk about.  To a neighbor perhaps.  Just closed the window to keep his cigar smoke out.

Little diversion to space ponderings lands me… at an  piece of YouTube footage that came out this week through some elusive members-only (and ‘by invitation only’) ‘Alien Disclosure Group’, posted at, and found on YouTube:  I suppose anything’s possible, but the bad quality alone I find suspect.  If it’s fake (the more likely possibility in my opinion), it’s well made; must have been a fun multimedia project.

If it’s for real real… sweet.   The cool-looking fella looks a bit confused, though…  I hope he was treated respectfully and like to say hello.   Greetings fellow Cosmosling.  And I like his simple clothing style (at 0:37).

Got a little tired of the silly Osama-been-killed (for the so many’th time) propaganda circus, but seems most people are seeing through it, luckily.  Quickly dumping the only true evidence that it actually was Osama Bin Laden into the ocean… , very effectively spam-distributed fake photo’s that somehow got picked up by major newspapers (while even having been exposed as fake as early as May 1st), the changing of the account (firefight, weapons –> no firefight, no weapons, point blank execution,…) within a day… (right, as if we don’t know the importance of first impressions in PR campaigns and how retractions don’t change the initial emotional imprinting.)   Not even releasing photos or video of the assault on the resurrected zombie (’cause anyone could probably recognize that whoever was killed was someone else?  …), but releasing other gory photos anyhow.  wtf   And then the oh-so-believable “traumatized daughter” witness account, by way of the ISI… reminded me of the Kuweiti trick (then acted by the 15-year old Nayirah who convinced the world of having witnessed “the Iraqi soldiers …  took the babies out of the incubators, took the incubators, and left the babies on the cold floor to die.” (remember that Bush-repeated lie?), later revealed to have been false testimony, used over and over for propaganda purposes.  (See here)  There’s so much more to it, but not for me to dig through now…  Perhaps I’ll add a link (on my conspiracy tab’s list) someday when someone put it all conveniently together with quality sources and a concise logical narrative.   Dug these perspectives on the matter:

My mind trailed off to global earthquakes: and apparently just minutes before starting the day at work Friday, May 06, 2011 at 12:58:21 AM at epicenter) another 6.1 aftershock ‘OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN’.

Fukushima continues to leak radionuclides into the air.  NHK reported in the workers going into Reactor building 1 for the first time to set up ventilation systems to begin with making it possible to do other pressing tasks to cool down the melted down reactor core:   Otherwise, not much news… This is going to take awhile.

On the fallout side here in the US, the EPA refuses to test fish and is back to business as usual with the next sample of milk scheduled in 3 months.  Simply insane.  Their reputation is in ruins when it comes to protecting the population from unsafe levels of radiation.

But I’m content.  Finally a week without frost, no snow for at least 4 days ahead, and gorgeous blue skies, chirping birds,…  And reportedly 2 moose walked by this morning on the trail behind my studio (but I was still soundly asleep…).

There’s music playing…

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