Got Cesium?

(Fukushima Photo collage by Michaël Van Broekhoven (May 3, 2011)).

I thought up this (above) “got milk” ad when I poured a lovely bit of organic half and half “from pasture-fed cows” into my delicious morning coffee at work this morning…  With the EPA truly having shown they don’t particularly care about this issue, it’s anyone’s guess how little (or how much!) is in my milk nowadays…  Makes me feel Soooo good just having paid taxes.

The half-life of radionuclide Cesium-137 is about 30 years, leaving it dangerous for 300 to 600 years.  Fukushima-Daiichi continues to leak radioactive gasses and particles.  And yet the US EPA just announced they call it quits on monitoring beyond their substandard slacker activities.  Cs-137 does not occur in nature, except as a result of manmade nuclear fission.  UC Berkeley’s latest data, incorporated in the above spoof ad clarify further that the EPA is choosing negligence.

Straight from the EPA’s mouth: “In accordance with normal RadNet protocol, EPA will be analyzing milk and drinking water samples on a quarterly basis and precipitation samples as part of a monthly composite. The next round of milk and drinking water sampling will take place in approximately three months.” SOURCE: MAY 4, 2011:   Grrrr…   So messed up…

SOURCES for created image:  Mashed together using GIMP (Linux) software, photos & data I used came from: 

[July afterword:  In the SF Bay Area Cesium-levels in dairy dropped well below danger levels (for the few samples in the very few locations at the very few moments tests were done). ]

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