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Hardware delay – part 2… (+ PC is a gamma heaven, says my Scout)

Second key part of adaptor cord wasn’t included.  Grrrr.  My bad.  Hopefully by the weekend.  I’m starting to miss my prefered way to pass time after work…  Wiggling it stopped doing the trick… :-/ The Geiger Counter I had ordered … Continue reading

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100 kBq/Kg Seaweed confirmed

Over 100,000 Bq/Kg in seaweed off the eastern coast of Japan… The below is a good overview article, making lots of observations that have been made for months by independent investigators (Arnie Gundersen, Ex-NFK, Greenpeace – see my list of NUCLEAR … Continue reading

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Welcome, my friend… Welcome to the Totalitarian High-Tech Nightmare.

A roundup of recent news snippets:  – Washington: House Approves Military Spending Bill  – AP – May 26, 2011  – The House on Thursday approved a $690 billion defense bill that limits President Obama’s authority on reducing nuclear weapons and deciding what to do with … Continue reading

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Greenpeace finds troubling seaweed contamination + lab link

May 13, 2011:  “Initial tests of the 22 seaweed samples collected by Greenpeace along the coast North and South of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, and up to 65 km out to sea by its flag ship Rainbow Warrior … Continue reading

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Radiation Units page finally done (I think)

Finally incorporated the Curie and the Becquerel in –> my comprehensive Radiation Units page.   This post actually has its own static page (RADIOACTIVITY (top bar right) –> Radiation Units (5 down)).  If you spot an error, please leave a comment (see the … Continue reading

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IODINE-131 a basic map comparison: Fukushima versus Chernobyl

Similarly to what I did to compare Chernobyl and Fukushima as far as the fallout maps for radioactive Cesium (137, 134)  (SEE HERE for the radioactive Cesium maps and those comparison basics), what follows is a basic comparison for I-131’s … Continue reading

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Going Radio-Lactose-Intollerant

In Judo, I never cared enough to go beyond green, but at least I have now graduated to a black belt in coffee drinking.   A little white splash of radioactive Fukushima I-131 or Cs-137 in my half-‘n-half didn’t bother … Continue reading

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