US Government Released Key to 29 ET Messages… Yeah right.

[CAUTION: Before you decide to click on the NSA-files, read first.]

[INSERT – Added in Sept. 2015 due to apparent returning interest in the cited documents.  Below I merely point out that one heavily promoted document was nothing but an exercise (It actually says so in the text, but you have to look for it).  As far as the UFO phenomenon itself goes, there’s a lot more evidendence and testimony that isn’t fake or just an excersize. For more on that, see the disclosure project testimonies:

The UFO & Conpsiracy world is all over it (see HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE for good waste-of-time examples).  One of ‘m (‘ NSA recent UFO document release more interesting for what it “could” not find ‘ (April 23rd, 2011 6:45 pm PT) by  Alfred Lambremont Webre  on the Seattle Exopolitics Examiner‘s site: )  at least sketches the context, and better: lays out one possible PsyOp nature of these renewed releases of documents, albeit one I’m not buying either…

The hyped file peeked my interest too, but sadly that didn’t last long.  Bummer.  As far as “proof” goes, there’s seriously nothing to it:  Some FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) request was cleared on October 21, 2004, and for whatever reason the NSA (National Security Agency, released this piece below (again) on April 21, 2011.  As far as it being part of a Psychological Operation… many possibilities!  Now first insert the X-files Theme song and read with a straight face:  

… 29 messages from outer space were intercepted and decoded by the NSA, which just released the key to understand the extraterrestrials …

It may look like that at a first glance, and it’s what many have read into it, but… NOPE.   FAIL.  Here’s  the 11-page PDF Document, directly from the NSA: (go ahead, make ‘direct contact’ with “the reptilians” at the NSA, here’s the bait:)  from which this is the intro:


‘Unclassified’, not ‘Declassified’.  No blacked-out lines whatsoever.   I’ve seen plenty of declassified documents, they rarely ever look this clean.  Was this an exercise in code decryption and message analysis, the answer to an internal exam question?  Clearly it WAS (see further below – yet… there may be more to what it IS… or may be…), but at least the appendix gives the reason why this is such a hot topic on UFO discussion forums, where people eager for ‘disclosure’ have been jumping in excitement for days, without reading more than its two exciting paragraphs…

I bet the folks who monitor the online UFO conspiracy world at the NSA are laughing their asses off reading what’s read into it (, unless of course, they’re the ones writing the hyped crap too…)   (To illustrate that this government agency is both a bit weird and/or has a sense of humor: TRY THIS:  Type on your address bar “Illuminati” spelled backwards and add “.com” on it and see where it takes you… wrah-ha-ha!)
But, so sorry to pop the initial illusion:  The preceding page leaves little guessing room what this is actually a part of [red-boxed emphasis is mine]:

Red added by me

My impression: one group encrypted some basic universal information (number, physical constants,…) into a new “alien” format, which was then pitched as a challenge to those who had to decode it.  The text is nothing but that second groups results, the title just the name of the answer to the question, and the Appendix a synopsis of how the challenge was pitched.  Boring…  Yawn…  There is ZERO disclosure or even the remotest hint of evidence of extraterrestrial communications to be found in this NSA release.

It’s just part of a brainstorming about other forms of language and binary and non-binary transmissions that aliens could be using if they were to send a “universal” type of message, which was somethings SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence,, which just lost its funding.) was listening for.  The pondering lies in the same vein of thought as the message sent from the Arecibo radio telescope on November 16, 1974, with the hope that if an extraterrestrial intelligence would pick it up, they would be able to figure out what it’s supposed to mean:  That message’s binary string of “0000001010101000000000000101000001010 etc….”, when decoded, translates to this pictogram, below, about which you can read more at

SO, back to the NSA to see if there’s more… I searched their website for the key word ‘extraterrestrial’.  Tada: in 0.078 seconds it turns up 22 documents, including the one that caused the big bogus hoopla.  So, one of them even show exactly that what I thought is the case: their choice of wording is indeed all part of the obvious exercise(s):


So, as far as that goes, and as far as I’m concerned: case closed.  The hyping crowd lost face again.  Deluded folks, here’s a tip:

So I wasted some more time.  Since I’m on the topic, among the other rather boring files, I thought the NSA-released 1994 “Roswell Incident” file had a kinda cool paragraph in it.  While the file concludes what crashed were balloons from the then-top-secred ‘Mogul Project’, and them not finding any evidence in any Air Force records that anything having to do with aliens occurred, YET it also mentioned one of the folks who tipped them off for good sources for their investigation, namely Karl Pflock, and mentions his conclusion.  It’s noteworthy I suppose, as Pflock reportedly beat these establishment researchers to much of the Air Force evidence, as he “doggedly obtained […] a large amount of material pertaining to it” (see excerpt below, my color-emphasis). Pflock’s conclusion?  Quote from this NSA-released document: Pflock concluded from his research that the Brazel Ranch debris originally reported as a “flying disc” was probably debris from a Mogul balloon; however, there was a simultaneous incident that occurred not far away, that caused an alien craft to crash and that the AAF subsequently recovered three alien bodies therefrom.  Interesting conclusion from a researcher who doggedly obtained vast amounts of Air Force documents, beat the Air Force’s own investigation to many key sources, photos, etc. Excerpt below, my underlining:

Anyhow, more crap thrown at a wall, not sticking very well…  Nothing truly new there either…  So with the hype about “proof” of alien contact, etc. being exposed for bs, it remains curious WHY the NSA would re-release these documents.  The only difference between then and now is that there’s an internet to spread the information.  It begs the question why would they want that?  Thus the PsyOps aspect is the only worthwhile track to take it from here.

Exopolitics’ Alfred Lambremont Webre [ (see again HERE for the article), apparently thinks, or at least disseminates (!), that thisNSA, […] release of “UFO documents” is […] a psyops designed to defeat the human-oriented plans of the galactic governance authorities“.  

Interesting… on first reading…   I suppose it could also be speculated  that perhaps it was a trap set to map the disclosure community [in that case haahaa we’ve been had! :-)  ]:  just basic intel gathering on individual computer users, websites and even geographic communities with above-average UFO-interest, by throwing out a couple pieces of bait, followed by having a couple folks hype it up (on GLP, Exopolitics, etc.), and letting it go viral from there.  All the articles, including this one (hence my word of caution at the top), link directly to the NSA website.  You’re curious, you click.  Gotcha.  Besides having given your ISP, location, etc. to the NSA when you clicked to download their files, maybe you (and I) could have downloaded a whole lot more than just an innocent pdf.  But anyhow, I won’t speculate further on the latter.  Fact remains: you clicked on it, so this is of interest to you, and now they know where you live.

In any case, it’s pretty much guaranteed this is part of some program or experiment.  It is the NSA after all.  I think it’s safe to assume they did this on purpose.  Re-releasing these documents at this time, and also (quite possibly theirs as well) framing this in a hyped “look! proof of government-alien contact!” context 1) makes stronger believers out of the gullible, while 2) discrediting much of the UFO community in the eyes of the not-so-gullable independent thinkers (= fracturing the community along (promoted) idiotic truth-claimers and more careful (de facto marginalized) truth-seekers), 3) gives the NSA intel on who in that arena falls for misinformation (apart from the spooks encouraging this, of course).   Alfred Lambremont Webre does not point out the obvious about the released documents, as I just did above, he just runs with it to promote the story of some benevolent “galactic governance authorities” [sic].  I presume he’s indirectly referring to the well-publicized ‘Galactic Federation’, which I’ll touch upon next.   Webre & Co also run with chemtrail and other totally unsubstantiated HAARP conspiracies (See this video if you need more clues why I think Webre and company are, for lack of better words, total idiots…), and (from what I can tell this is clear) he engages in a standard PsyOp practice himself, namely that of mixing hard facts with off-the-wall speculations/conjecture, while presenting BOTH as factual.

Is there any evidence of NSA-supported plans “to defeat human-oriented plans”, though?  If you’d ask me:  Yes, clearly.  They’re part of the warring momentum, part of the military-industrial complex, including the support of the totally insane build-up of a massive nuclear arsenal, and as such they are by definition anti-human, and would (for profit) oppose any plans that help our humanity evolve into a higher consciousness, as higher consciousness (profound embodiment, alignment with Spirit, communion with God, however you’d like to word it) would bring an end to the warring of debasing materialism.  Anything that strengthens our genuine connection to universal experiential and timeless truths would be suspect to dark forces committed to nation state nonsense (“Defending Our Nation.”) and limiting beliefs aligned with linear-time-entrapment (“Securing The Future.”).

So you don’t actually need ETs to make the basic statement.  PsyOps are simply part of how corporate-agenda-dominated nation-state governments stay in control.  The use of ET-conjecture might be part of the same agenda.  Here’s the idea of PsyOps in a nutshell:

“By the application of sound PSYOP techniques, through face-to-face communication and mass media communications, we have demonstrated , time and time again, that we can appeal to the intelligence, reason, and emotions of our target audience to get them to think and act as we desire. If these people are shooting at us, we can persuade them to lay down their arms. If they fear us, we can convince them that they have nothing to fear. If they are belligerent and uncooperative, we can show them the value of unity and cooperation” – Major Ed Rouse (Ret)  SOURCE [my empasis]: 

For a ton more documentation about the use of various Psychological Operations used for the purpose Mind Control (which is essentially what PsyOps boil down to), check this out:

So, okay, to return to the “Galactic Federation“, or “Galactic Federation of Light“, which is incredibly well-represented online, in YouTube videos (over 5,000 videos for “galactic federation” alone), on discussion forums, and a truly remarkable array of websites.  Most are very colorful, here’s 3 examples (worth listening to / viewing / checking out, IMO) before I return to my conspiracy of choice…

CLICK TO ENTER YouTube channel:

And last but not least: the overarching conspiracy theory, namely the one that aims to set up a one-world-government, a so-called ‘New World Order’, has been reported to include a hoaxed “alien invasion” as well, as discussed (quite well) in this video by Bill Cooper: (and various other sites, but this is an easy good summary:)

See the Comments for more.

So, the release of the documents recently re-released by the NSA may BY THEMSELVES not amount to anything, but they serve their purpose well to create a buzz, that can be turned however PsyOps agents choose, even including promoting the believe in benevolent aliens versus malevolent world government on one side, or the opposite.  It actually doesn’t matter, as this may be the key: as long as it is pitched as IN THE CONTEXT of some sort of a galactic showdown between forces of good and evil, playing itself out here on Earth, it serves as a way to keep people divided by dividing into camps what they BELIEF.  As I see it: conceptualization, including moral codes, are part of the very confusion ‘war’ is made of.  

Somewhat related Etymology Dictionary excerpt from

My advice, if I were asked:

           Believe nothing.  

           Question everything.  

           Befriend the unknown.  

           Trust only from experience.

The journey of writing this post was rather entertaining to myself; I hope the result is somehow also helpful.

— — — — — — —   — — — — — — —   — — — — — — —

Disclaimer +


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