News from Belgian Sources & Beyond…

As I set out to do: I’m rearranging this blog/web- site, including compiling various pages for easy access to news, radiation monitors, etc.

The radiation part I got done yesterday (see HERE) (added Iceland and the UK to the mix and organized the whole thing): see the choices under the top tab ‘Radioactivity’, and the subcategories from there…)

Tonight, I finished (the gist of ) the News Sources page BELGIUM & BEYOND“, now accessible as a drop-down sub-tab of ‘News Sources’.   Tada:

After you go through it and you go like “Okay, but what about …?”, like I forgot some really good independent or mega-important source… in that case: please leave a comment: clue me in – I’ll check it out and consider it.  Good suggestions & constructive comments welcome.

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