USA predicted fallout next few days – EPA Radnet still terribly inadequate

Norwegian Institute For Air Research:  Radiation Fallout For April 22-25.

Check the NILU’s latest forecasts: see their list –> scroll down to products, pick the folder Fukushima:  and then you can choose for which radioactive gas/particle to view the forecasts (Xenon-133, Cesium-137 or Iodine-131) in the box with the blue buttons.   Meanwhile, the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant continues to spew its menace:

Japan's crippled reactors continue to vent radioactive gasses and particles...

For the airborne radioactive fallout / cloud:   It looks like far-northern California’s coast will get another, albeit relatively small, “whiff” after this weekend, concentrated around the Humboldt/Mendocino coast.  Nothing like we’ve seen in the last few weeks, but in spots it’s still 3 Bq/m^2 (3 becquerel per square meter).  10,000 square meters is a square kilometer, which is about 0.39 square mile.

Forecast (modeled, not measured!) - April 22-25, 2011. Source:;region=DMANC1

I just checked if the US EPA had done something about the USA’s almost surreal pathetic radiation monitoring network…  (Belgium and Holland combined have more than double the monitoring stations than all of North America combined.  Just saying…)    Nope:

(screenshot April 21, 2011) of US EPA RadNet @

FAIL.  Or to make it more visually obvious…  In Japan huge differences in fallout have even been observed within 1 square kilometer (see here for an example).  So,  just for fun: if fallout were to settle on US soils distributed as shown below, the EPA RadNet wouldn’t even notice a thing!  I colored areas within about 50+ miles from an EPA monitor in green; made up dangerously high values for the rest (yellow, red, magenta), just to show how inadequate this “network” is:

The radiation cloud that would go unnoticed: non-green areas shows areas utterly UNMONITORED by the US EPA's RadNet. - mvb

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