Overdosed on Radiation News – Blog will change soon

Art by Michael V.B.

When I go for something, I tend to totally go for it.  So it went with Fukushima’s nuclear crisis: many hours after work, every day, checking the news about the nuclear aspect of the crisis in Northern Japan these last 5 weeks, trying to make sense of the reporting in a confusing number of units, contradictory reports, nuclear industry propaganda, and off-the-wall misinformation.  I think this site will remain handy for easy access to the online radiation networks of dozens of countries, some damn good resource lists, etc., but continuing to put together overview blogposts about the latest developments on this topic is likely to move to the back burner.  I think I may have overdosed on nuclear news this past month.

So I’m going to rearrange the tabs and improve the news source lists, so that whenever I want to find out the latest news, or consult my Radiation Units page to make sense of the news, etc., I can just go to the tab, pick a sub-tab category and get what I want. And so could anyone else.  And then I want to diversify the topics with new tabs and subcategories.  It will probably grow naturally as I write new blogposts.   The top bar will likely get rearranged from the current one to something more resembling the one below.

How it’s been:

What I’m planning to do:

So it would look more like this (subcategories not shown):

And I have to say, for knowing absolutely nothing about web design myself, WordPress makes it unbelievably easy.  Highly recommend them if you’re considering a blog site.

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