Where to buy a Geiger Counter

This list is OUTDATED, not been updated in years.  The links may serve as a place to start, but I made this list around April 2011, and have not been updating it much at all.  

If updates are added, they are on the static page, HERE, not on this blogpost, below.

BEWARE:  What may appear ‘contaminated’, may be entirely due to normal natural radioactivity.   For examples, see my lab results for samples from Northern California (Spring 2011), and Japanese Kelps (Fall 2013).

As a matter of additional DISCLAIMER, I added this no-nonsense article as an introduction:


Overview of some of the places where you can buy Geiger Counters, dosimeters and related radiation monitoring products.

 This list is in no particular order (Geiger Counter electronic components are at the end).  Unlike most lists, even those staging to be merely “reviewing” (and putting their own product at the top), I’m not affiliated with any of the products; I simply tried to compile what could now easily be one of the better independent list of radiation measuring equipment sources:

MORE DISCLAIMER:  Check with retailers for current pricing and offerings.  I do not necessarily vouch for ANY of the  products shown, just passing along the info.  To check out levels of  radiation worldwide, see top bar’s NUCLEAR tab’s subcategories.

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