List of Nuclear Power Plants with maps

Below are some maps for Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) locations.

For the detailed list, including details on each NPP (operational, shut down, planned, capacity, year built, etc.), look this up for any country,
Go to

[April 11, 2013 Above link now links to:  See also here.  If they move it again, go to their home page and search for ‘World Nuclear Database’  The rest of this blogpost hasn’t changed since April 2011, so it may no longer be up to date. – mvb – See my DISCLAIMER.]  

CLICK IMAGE to enter:     

MAPS of NNP locations (1 NPP location site may contain multiple reactors):

  • Nuclear Power Plants in the area I grew up in (Brussel -Paris – London – Amsterdam – Berlin – Zurich – Praha), with just below it on the same scale, for comparisson,the Japan-Korea region: 
  • NPPs in East Asia:

  • NPPs in Indian Subcontinent & Middle East:

  • NPPs in Europe:

  • NPPs in North America:

Something to keep in mind:


  • NPPs in South America & Africa:

NOTE:  The World Nuclear Association’s list is incomplete.  For instance it doesn’t list all (usually smaller) research nuclear reactors. The Israel Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC) operates the Soreq Nuclear Research Center (near Palmachim and Yavne in Israel), which includes a 5 megaWatt nuclear reactor, for example.   Also not on the list are nuclear-powered ships and submarines.

-> Additional Info (incl. weblinks to Nuclear Industry information sites), CLICK IMAGE to enter:
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