Build your own Air Force of Radiation-Monitoring Mini-Helicopter Drones

Whether you’re in need of drones to map the radiation of a roadless area, or would like to plug into a crowd-sourced radiation mapping initiative, here are some RESOURCES for the ELECTRONICS ENTHUSIAST to begin building your own unmanned flying toys [Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in hobby-lingo], which could be equipped with various sensors, camera’s and miniature Geiger Counters (scroll down!):

Note: Though I grew up with soldering and electronics kits, it’s been too long to offer any advice or suggestions here.   The provided links should suffice for the motivated to figure out the rest. CLICK on any of the images to enter the site the image is a selected screenshot of.  In no particular order:

  • SparkFun Electronics,, is an online retail store that sells the bits and pieces to make your electronics projects possible, and all kinds of extras to make the world of electronics more accessible to the average person, such as classes,  online tutorials, and forums:
  • Do It Yourself Drones,, is the place to be for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV): from total beginner to near-expert, from components to design, projects, forums, and ways to connect to fellow hobbyists, and more: 
  • SEEED Studio, and ‘Open Source Hardware Facilitator’, , based in Shenzhen (China), offer a comprehensive range of electronics materials from all categories, and aside access to extensive manufacturing power, SEEED Studio, having been hobbyist themselves, loves global open source electrical/electronics projects:

  • Build Your Own Drone:  has a huge offering in the UK and Europe, including the below-mentioned ArdoCopter, resource forums and much more: 

  • AEROQUAD,, specialized in Open Source QuadCopters.  QuadCopters are very suitable to attach additional light-weight instruments onto: 

  • FREAKLABS – Open Source Wireless,, Akiba’s blog in Tokyo, with Open Source Wireless info, forum, and much more: 
  • … If your site rocks, YOU TOO COULD BE LISTED HERE: leave a comment and I’ll check it out, possibly to include you… (couple more perhaps)


  • –> CHECK OUT some specific products and links to Kits,  Components and Projects:

To get involved with some projects in Japan, Check out Tokyo Hacker Space:


Different parts of the Libelium system for measuring Radiation using Waspmote


  • Another suggestion was the German site, although they’re not ‘open source hardware’, their website actually includes a great FAQ section:


> SOURCES:  Links included in this post:

Re. Open Source Hardware:

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