Radionuclide Cs-137 still raining down on US – April 12 update

A month into the Fukushima Daiichi ongoing nuclear disaster, ‘trace’ (–> if I don’t use that word, I get barked at) radioactive fallout continues to sprinkle the population and crops growing in North America, and other places many thousands of kilometers away from Japan…

Instead of sending teams out to collect rain from wherever in the US it might be raining or snowing… Oh no: the couple high tech stations that do isotope rainwater monitoring just sit there on their asses, doing excellent measurement work… when it rains at their location.   The EPA? Completely NOT forthcoming with detailed widespread and comprehensive radionuclide fallout data… In fact, they barely monitor the background radiation to begin with.  In the western US, out of  the roughly 35 EPA RadNet monitors, 15 have been taken offline (aka “under survey” as they call it, yet strangely similar to ALL Japan’s monitors within the 20 km evacuation zone in Japan, about which the Japanese government clearly prefer to keep data undisclosed…).   My opinion:  the size of this country is NOT an excuse to have less monitors than other modern countries.  For comparison, Europe has many thousands of fully publicly-accessibly radiation monitors; see it for yourself on my EUROPE page.   JAPAN isn’t bad either, actually.    Anyhow… I digressed…

–> UC Berkeley’s Nuclear Engineering Department continues to log the measurements they do make: daily air, rain when it rains, and some food items.  Check ‘m out. They’re at the top of my links on my USA page.  Here’s their latest (well, April 12, with April 10 data) for rain and water. CHECK their Main UCB Air and Water Sampling Page for newer updates. Last reported levels for Te-132 have almost disappeared, are very low for I-131, yet remain similarly significant for Cesium-137, which’ half-life is 30 years (leaving it dangerous for 300 to 600 years!).  ‘Trace amounts’, yes, true,  well below freak-out-levels (yet to be established by the government), but it remains anyone’s guess how it will accumulate in crops, most of which go entirely unmonitored…    (We’re on our own.   US taxes are being flushed down the warring toilet…)

Meanwhile, “enjoy the rain…”

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