How “radioactive” is Northern California at the moment, really?

Far-northern California in many ways remains very dear to me, as it has been ‘home’ for about a decade after I moved out of Western Europe in the mid-1990’s.   For my dear friends still out there, here’s an overview of “the situation”… (regarding radiation) from my perspective:

The EPA Radnet monitor in Eureka has been taken offline for some time, which leaves this enormous coastal area de facto PUBLICLY UNMONITORED.  I haven’t ‘cut out’ anything of this map – it is as provided (April12, 2011) by the US government’s EPA Radnet.  This is, for real, the EPA’s “vast network” of radiation network in the region closest to Japan ‘in the lower 48 states’. The image below shows the area closest to Japan is de facto unmonitored.  With as much public anxiety and interest, I’m sorry, but that’s a bit… may I say… ‘suspicious’…   Light-Blue stattions are, off-line (‘under survey’, with ‘data not available’,… being reviewed, you know, by ‘experts’…):

   So now that I have shown you how much the U.S. ‘Environmental Protection Agency’ (EPA) truly cares about the radiation safety of the US’s lower 48 States’s  500+ km of Pacific Ocean shoreline (CA & OR), and enormous (NOT unpopulated – friends of mine live there, actually) regions, here’s some sobering data from UC Berkeley:














It’s sobering not so much for its measured amounts, but because such a tiny sample means it’s near-certain there’s higher contamination and hotspots further north.  At least, that’s my sense.

SOURCE: which sourced from:

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