• April 11, 2011 — Yesterday I shared a long post, “Earthquake Machine Terrorizing the World? – re. HAARP -” (April 10).   Apparently interest in this topic is huge, and so I went exploring a bit more to see if there’s any more evidence that HAARP is involved in the use (or experimental phase) of artificially induced earthquakes.   Found one rather peculiar noteworthy thing, and not were I would have expected it: in a UN document on decolonization:

Well, buried in this UN report is mention of the “Arecibo National Astronomy and Ionospheric Centre (NAIC)”, a facility in Puerto Rico, with alleged HAARP capabilities, part of a global network of ionospheric research centers [my emphasis]:

“ALEDIA CENTENO RODRIGUEZ, Frente Patriotico Arecibeño, said her organization had spoken last year on the United States strategy to authorize a nuclear weapons production facility in Puerto Rico, in violation of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.  She explained that Arecibo was home to the Arecibo National Astronomy and Ionospheric Centre (NAIC), which was used as an “ionospheric heater” [an array of antennae which are used for heating the uppermost part of the atmosphere].  Arecibo was also mentioned as a test-site for the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme (HAARP), in a patent filed by an individual in the United States, to conducted experiments related to ionospheric manipulation.   HAARP could function as an anti-missile and anti-aircraft defence system, permit interception and disruption of communications, weather and submarine and subterranean communications, among other things.  The HAARP patent papers also stated that the invention could “simulate and perform the same function as performed by the detonation of a heavy type nuclear device”.”

As in ‘incinerate a large region’?  Or as in ’cause massive monster-earthquake-like destruction’?  Probably both.  The NAIC doesn’t exactly make clear it’s involved in weapons research, though: http://www.naic.edu/

SOURCE:  http://www.un.org/News/Press/docs/2007/gacol3160.doc.htm

–> If you want to dig deeper into this topic, I suggest  http://labvirus.wordpress.com/ which offers a compilation of sources, videos, and data.  (Check it out, but judge for yourself – I do not necesarily vouch for everything on sites I link to – A topic like this is bound to include more questionable material here and there)

–>  In response to search engines finding their way to me when actually searching for labvirus.wordpress.com:  *** [Nov 22, 2011 add-on; It just came to my attention this site was shut-down, but sprouted right back up here: http://labviruscom.blogspot.com/.  Reason given is that:

“The former website was abruptly shut down by WordPress after false allegations of “copyright infringement” and being given no chance to challenge the false claims… READ MORE.”  ***


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NOTE: Most my posts are about the Fukuchima Daiichi nuclear disaster, making sense of used radiation units, and offering easy access to Current Radiation Levels worldwide.  To explore all: click ‘HOME’ and scroll through blog for relevant posts.

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