April 8 News snippets

  • Nuclear Engineer Arnie Gundersen‘s latest update @ http://www.fairewinds.com/ exposes the withholding of crucial information by the NRC, TEPCO and the Nuclear Industry – with again an excellent updated assessment commentary on the Daiichi reactors situation – Highly recommended.  

  • Thursday’s 7.1 mega-aftershock off Northern Japan troubles 4 more nuclear facilities (1 seriously):

    Click on image to access the USGS global Earthquakes website

Radioactive water spilled from pools holding spent nuclear fuel rods at the Onagawa power plant in Miyagi Prefecture.  Spent fuel pools at the Onagawa plant and the Higashidori nuclear power station in Aomori Prefecture lost their cooling functions for 20 to 80 minutes after the quake.  At the Onagawa power plant 2 out of 3 power supply systems failed, leaving only one for cooling (in other words: a very close call to have an additional partial meltdown…)  Also small amounts of highly radioactive water spilled or leaked at eight sections of the plant as a result of this aftershock.  Also, a spent nuclear fuel disposal facility in the village of Rokkasho, Aomori Prefecture, lost external power supply and switched to an emergency generator but power was restored soon after. The Higashidori nuclear power plant in Aomori also got power from an emergency generator after the Thursday quake, but its external power supply was restored shortly after.   Source: http://english.kyodonews.jp/news/2011/04/84023.html and http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/04/08/us-japan-nuclear-idUSTRE7370U220110408?feedType=RSS&feedName=japan&virtualBrandChannel=10464&WT.tsrc=Social%20Media&WT.z_smid=twtr-japan_reuters&WT.z_smid_dest=Twitter

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