Radioactivity in Pacific Ocean: Path Simulation

–> Fukuchima Ocean Forecast simulation:

Note: Bq/L measurements outside the plant have skyrocketed since the model was made (see previous post), and that it doesn’t show longer-term projections that include the likely path through the rest of the Pacific and beyond.

SIROCCO: “We are scientists from two laboratories of Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées (Laboratoire d’Aérologie and Legos from CNRS and University ofToulouse) who develop regional oceanic models. INSU (an institute from CNRS for Universe Sciences) gave us the mission to distribute our models and to form scientists and engineers to their use. This service is named SIROCCO. SIROCCO also develops forecasting systems mainly as a decision-making support during scientific cruises. Meanwhile, we develop research activities in the frame of physical oceanography, sediment transport and marine biogeochemistry. Our research group is named POC (Pôle d’Océanographie Côtière).” Read more:

The simulation was reported by Yumuri, which unfortunately failed to link to the above sources:

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