“Trust us”

They are a clever bunch, aren’t they, them nuclear engineers…   No barrier under the premises to keep radioactive water from reaching the ground water?   Designed to withstand only earthquakes weaker than what is known to be possible along the ring of fire?  Where did you build it?  On the beach… along one of the world’s most active fault lines. Uh-huh..  What foresight… What can I say?   Resin-spraying to try to bind the radioactive particles so they won’t spread as easily started when … 3 weeks into the disaster… as ‘an experiment’?  Wow, that’s “prepared” alright.   The back-up generators were where exactly?  In the basement?  Genius… to make sure they’d be destroyed in case a tsumani was a bit higher than the design limits, or what?  The spent fuel rods’ cooling baths you put… on the roof?  So that if the structure cracked it would be harder to fill ‘m.  Wow.  Genius.  Evacuation zones as neat concentric circles?  Like, you mean, it doesn’t matter which way the wind blows?

We sure entrusted the radiation-safety of this lovely planet to some seriously deranged madmen…

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